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  1. Had one piss on my canopy once. It smelled bad forever after. And every time I packed it and had to smell it, I got mad all over again. There should be a death sentence for dogs whose owners allow them to piss on parachute gear. The latest incident wasn't so bad. I kept a lucky rabbit foot attached to the outside of my gear bag. I came back from a jump to find a dog chewing on it, and had worked it down to just a nub. Without my lucky rabbit foot, a streak of bad luck followed, all because of that darn dog. Control your freakin' dogs!
  2. Heck, Compuserve charged BY THE MINUTE. You couldn't afford to stay online for hours at a time. So there were special programs that would log on, grab all the new messages and download them to your computer, then log off. Then you could read at leisure and compose replies offline. And finally log back on to send a burst transmission to upload all of your replies. So you could be in and out in just a couple of minutes to keep your fees affordable.
  3. Wasn't that long ago when AOL felt like that. Compuserve will make a come-back!
  4. In both the book and the movie, it's a female. But then, a lot of characters are changed to protect identities, so who knows... I'm sure they would hate to be identified, and have a bunch of terrorists looking for them. Whoever it is, they deserve a darned medal!
  5. Saw the movie. Liked it. I've also read the book "No Easy Day" about the same Bin Laden raid, and this movie was very precise in capturing the details of the book. The exact sequence of events was reenacted. Details like the military dog, the Farsi language speaker, the door that was blown that only had a concrete wall behind it, the neighbors hearing the commotion, and so on, were all there. I was surprised that the first hour and a half or so, of a two and a half hour movie, was spent on the intelligence hunt to find Bin Laden, and disappointed in how little time was spent showing the military preparations for the raid. They made it look like they just walked into the Seal Team camp one day, and said; "Tonight you're going into Pakistan to get Bin Laden". Not so. They had months to prepare, created a mock compound to practice on, and spent a great deal of effort on practicing their techniques and contingencies. I was also disappointed that they didn't show some of the massive military support effort that backed the mission. Like back-up helicopters, fighters circling overhead to ward off any Pakistani military response, aerial refuelers, and a horde of geeks to process the siezed computer files. And since the stealth choppers didn't have the range to get back to their base, they had to land at a makeshift secret refueling outpost in the Pakistani desert, where troops set up a fuel bladder. They could have also shown, but did not, the flying of Bin Laden's body to the carrier, and burial at sea. I was surprised at the lack of audience reaction. I expected cheering when Bin Laden was killed, but the theatre was silent. The only reaction was when the SEAL's whispered the name of one of the bad guys who was hiding around the corner, and when he peeked around the corner to see who was calling his name, they shot him. That produced giggles. It's actually a psychological technique - people are naturally curious to see who is calling their name, and the SEALs used it to expose the bad guy so they didn't have to charge into a man waiting with a gun. And the SEALs knew the names of every bad guy in the compound before they went in. All in all, an outstanding movie.
  6. No, it's more general than that. The equivalent of "Have a nice day", or "best wishes".
  7. > If you were to jump under the rain and the top of your container got damp, would that > warrant a reserve repack? No.
  8. Construction is complete on behemoth airship; first flight planned Link: http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-aeros-airship-tustin-20130104,0,799208.story So, um, how many jumpers will it carry? Let's see, a 66-ton payload, that's 132,000 lbs, or about 700 jumpers. Woohoo! 5 right and cut!
  9. Akokisa

    Darwin fail

    That's Incredible!
  10. Financial news: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2012/12/29/3-ipos-youll-want-to-watch-for-in-2013-part.aspx If GoPro goes public, would you invest your money in the company?
  11. Does that apply to cut-away canopies too?
  12. They only ration the government issued ammo which is to be preserved for military use in a militia call-up for national defense. That's supposed to remain in readiness for emergencies. However, they are free to purchase and shoot all the personal ammo they want. Even using their government-issued firearms.
  13. Granny was 92 years old, and he beat her to death with a hammer. What the hell was he doing out of prison?