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  1. dontlikemustard

    General thoughts on kids being able to do a Tandem

    to be fair, i am quite sure most whuffos do not understand the dangers involved. but yes, 18 is a good age.
  2. dontlikemustard

    First Chinese Wingsuit Flyer?

    First chinese wingsuiter, actually flew with Gerardo Flores...
  3. dontlikemustard

    Online retail stores

    Thanks ass. The amount of time it took you to do that it you could of provided some actual help. I'm aware of google and how to use. Well I'm sure they all do their jobs well. I personally liked chuttingstar and rock-sky market; but those are the only two I ever bought anything from... I see a lot of people buying stuff from square 1 and para-service too. I'm pretty sure most stores do their jobs well. What makes me decide to buy at one place or the other has more to do with which store happens to have the item I need in stock. Oh and if I can dodge the sales tax by buying out of state... You're welcome, ass.
  4. dontlikemustard

    Online retail stores
  5. checked it before every jump, away from any carpeted areas
  6. dontlikemustard

    Cypres 2 service bulletin

    so now for the next 4 years i need to make sure my cypres is functioning properly. i still check it before every jump but come on, really? i paid the extra bucks for this unit because they claim to be extremely reliable... they should fix this issue on their own dime.
  7. dontlikemustard

    AFF instructor salary

    Well how about the DZ takes a small hit on gear rental/gas and pays the instructors more. Proper instruction really matters in this sport; and paying instructors more, whether we like it or not, will make them instruct better. It's hard enough for most whuffo's to make a skydive due to the fear factor, add the cost of AFF & careless instructors and it makes it easy for a lot of prospective jumpers to get turned off by the sport. If you pay the instructors more, not only will the students get more attention and a better education (i.e. create a safer skydiving environment), but it will also add more fun jumpers to the sport. If I was a DZO I would consider every AFF student an investment. Considering that an AFF student can turn into a jumper who will put hundreds if not thousands of jumps into the DZ, rent gear, bring his whuffo friends... It wasn't too long ago I was taking my AFF courses, and while I did have some awesome instructors, I also had a few who did the bare minimum. It just kinda sucks, when you drive out a couple of hours, drop a couple of bills, get 15 minutes of instruction, jump out of a plane only to get a 1 minute debrief on your jump before the instructor is off running to a tandem.
  8. dontlikemustard

    which altimeter to buy for beginner skydiver

    if you look around the classifieds long enough you will eventually find a very good deal. i got a very nice altimaster alti 2 for 40 bucks.
  9. dontlikemustard

    Recon Flight HUD Arrived

    do you lose any field of vision?
  10. dontlikemustard

    Trip to Skydive Perris..need help!

    it might help if you tell us what days you are going to be there!
  11. dontlikemustard

    rain and reserves

    I saw this in another forum and it got me curious. I suppose this is mainly a question for riggers: If you were to jump under the rain and the top of your container got damp, would that warrant a reserve repack? Have you ever had an experience unpacking a soaked/damaged reserve due to water exposure?
  12. dontlikemustard

    cleaning dirt off your rig

    thanks guys ill try these out! oh and i live in socal so i can jump year round... i just had a reserve pack done 3 weeks ago.
  13. dontlikemustard

    cleaning dirt off your rig

    I did some research, there are plenty of threads on how to give your rig a bath but my question is a little more specific. how do i clean dirt marks off my rig? i dont want to soak the whole thing, i would just clean it a bit... im still a noob and my landings aren't all that perfect yet it seems like there is dirt stuck inside the cordura fabric. i used a damp cloth, it cleaned it but not all the way. any suggestions?
  14. dontlikemustard

    do you tell your potential employers you skydive?

    While skydiving can make you appear to have some good qualities, such as: -being adventurous -outgoing -willing to try new things It also comes across as suicidal, or reckless to a lot of whuffo's out there. So here's the situation, you are at a job interview, your employer asks you about your life outside work... Will you tell him you are a skydiver?
  15. dontlikemustard

    New guy here... How dangerous is this stuff?

    I don't think those numbers are entirely accurate.