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  1. cderham

    Tipping Tunnel Instructors

    Good rule of thumb I use is $100/hr of flight time can be more at times!
  2. cderham

    video quality in cx

    I know the 110 and 150 has better low light capability. My sunset load video always looks grainy with my cx100. make me want to switch. Only issue i have is that the card slot on the 110 and 150 is in the bottom and not easily accessible with my configuration. I believe the 210 has the undesirable image stabilization system.
  3. cderham

    Canon Rebel T3?

    Only issue I seen with it is that the card slot was moved to the battery door on the underside of the camera. Locate you an old XS or step up to the T3i. I purchased the T3i when my XS died right before Couch Freaks. Glad I did the photos are amazing.
  4. cderham

    Couch Freaks 2010

    I know I cant believe it either... BILL-O WTF MAN!!!! Come on what are all the special goodies we gonna get for the 30th Anniversery...... I mean the "XXX" boogie
  5. cderham

    Illinois-chicagoland area wind tunnels?

    Nope not yet. I have heard there is one in planning stages but unsure of when it will be a reality.
  6. do a search on here for sinus. there has been some great discussions. I never had problems until about 5 years into jumping but it was the same thing. I went to an ENT doc and he fixed me up and I have not had any major issues since. Really easy mostly over the counter fixes.
  7. cderham


  8. cderham

    Katana Opening

    I posted in this in the GS as well: The packing is a huge deal!!! More then you would think. leave the nose hang and I only put 3 half rolls in the tail. I have had packers rock my world. when I go back and ask them how they pack it they have rolled the nose or shoved it in. Also pitching flat makes a big differnce as well. You need to take an extra half second or so. also don't look up right away on opening. (you will know if something feels wrong then look) let the opening happen then look up. stare at the horizon this will help you keep flat.
  9. cderham

    Anyone jumped in Acapulco?

    Ixtapa is just up the road