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  1. Fuck me, $100 per hour tipping Yep usually I will break an hour into 2 days. Makes a pretty big commitment for the coach and usually has them at the tunnel most of the day. So I believe $100 per hour of flight time is worth it!!! Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  2. Good rule of thumb I use is $100/hr of flight time can be more at times! Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  3. Posting for a friend. We watched the main land in a neighbors front yard. A tandem master seen a tan or gold mini van stop. The home owner said a women got out of the van and picked up the main stating she worked at CSC and that was the last any one has seen. Please view the details posted here: Mikey is full time video staff at CSC and this is his main source of income. Not to mention he is getting married next week so any help to recover it would be amazing. Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  4. cderham

    Stupid question.

    You are looking at approx $15/minute coached. +/- $1 depending on who you get to coach you. You could also call and ask to buy time at Boogie rates. $780/hr I believe. Also plan on tipping your coach. I usually tip them $100/hr of time this is because they devote so much time to you and I typically spread 1 hour out over 3 days. As far as coaches everyone in there are great. I have flown or jumped with Zach, Kiwi, Josh, Jordan, Ryan, Billy, DV, Mike, Nathan, and Jared. I dont think there is anyway you can go wrong with any of them. Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  5. Here are a couple from a few weeks ago.. Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  6. Nope no problem packing at all. Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  7. It is full but I wouldn't say rock hard Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  8. Usually I have YouTube or ebay distractions but do get the occasional google search distraction as well. Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  9. I didn't know L&B was selling audible altimeters as reserves. OOPS! thats what I get for posting first thing in the morning before I finished my morning Go Fast Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  10. My wife has a Pulse 170 and an Optimum 160 in a Micron 310. That combination might be something to look into. The Optimum reserve flies one size larger and depending on your exit weight might be perfect for you. I would suggest demoing one from PD. A friend who had a reserve ride last year on a Optimum 126 and is 250 w/o gear was able to pop the reserve up at the end and stop it with no run out. Made me switch mine over to Optimum's As far as options go.... LOAD IT UP!!!!! This rig will last you a very long time and might as well have it all! Articulated harness, deluxe back pad, PADDED LATERALS ARE AMAZING!, custom embroidery.... just make her sexy!!! Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  11. at $3.5 million US.. I don't see it happening anytime soon. Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  12. I have the Ogio 9900, I fit my freefly suit, camera suit, swoop shorts, 2 pair of shoes and 2 UPT Mocron rigs, oh yea my SIMS, IRM, log book.......... The thing is HUGE!!! I do keep my video equipment and helmets in different bags tho. More control over them getting damaged or banged around. I just ordered my wife this for her Gear bag, should fit her rig (micron), 2 jumpsuits and her shoes. using a helpmet bag with a clip for her g3. Might look at the 26" I was going to go with the 26" for her but she is looking to minimize her travel size to the dz. My Ogio bag is indestructible!!!! Only Gear bag I will ever need! Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  13. Just to chime in... I received my A license in 12 days in Texas back in 1998. AFF and multiple jumps a day. I came home to a home dropzone with more ability and understanding then many 50-75 jump static line taught skydivers. I am a fan of AFF in a week programs and wind tunnel incorporated training. I believe the learning curve is accelerated and the "eyes open" aspect of the safety side of things is more explored. when a student can make multiple jumps in a day or weekend there progression in the sport is usually smother. There nerves are less of an influence in there skydive. Don't get me wrong they are still nervous but their less of a factor... Just my $0.02 Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  14.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread Chris It's Jimmy Time!!
  15. I know the 110 and 150 has better low light capability. My sunset load video always looks grainy with my cx100. make me want to switch. Only issue i have is that the card slot on the 110 and 150 is in the bottom and not easily accessible with my configuration. I believe the 210 has the undesirable image stabilization system. Chris It's Jimmy Time!!