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  1. mahonie10

    Mirage Trap System

    It works as advertised, quick reserve extraction and it held onto the free bag. My rigger had no issues with it during initial setup or resetting it after activation. its a pretty simple system.
  2. mahonie10

    100th Skydive

  3. mahonie10

    What are different parachutes known for?

    This is a great question........for you to ask your instructors
  4. mahonie10


    Well first off welcome! I think you'll get the response of ask your instuctors alot on here, because they know you better than the interweb does when it comes to canopy flight. I'm a newb but recently bought me a rig, so i'll share what little i know on the subject. When it comes to canopies stay away from ellipticals, stay at a 1:1 wingloading for 200 jumps, at 170 pounds your exit weight is close to 195, so a 210 might be a good first size(again talk to your instructors) I bought a PD reserve because i did not here one bad thing about them. i got my container sized for a 150 main so i could get the most life out of it(curently jumping a 170) because containers will normaly accept 3 sizes of mains; soft, optimal, and "brick". But not all canopies have the same pack volume, i.e. a PD Storm 170 packs the same size as a PD Sabre2 150. Everyone is partial certain brands, but i'm sure all manufactures make good products. just do some research, and pick out the one you like, I personaly would start with; Have fun! p.s. don't forget to check out the classifieds on here.
  5. mahonie10

    Brand new to the sport.

    Welcome to the sky! take my advice with a grain of salt because i'm still a newb. But take your instructors advice before you take advice fromt total strangers here on dont get me wrong theres alot of knowledge here, but it's still online and not in person, your intructors will take care of you. happy falling!
  6. mahonie10

    Hey ho!

    Welcome, i'm a newb, but am completly addicted as well! I've been wanting make a trip to Aus in the next two years for the hell of it and now with skydiving, it would make the trip double the fun. laters!