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  1. It works as advertised, quick reserve extraction and it held onto the free bag. My rigger had no issues with it during initial setup or resetting it after activation. its a pretty simple system.
  2. When he rolled during deployment the bridal of the main caught his cutaway handle and released the main and the RSL pulled the reserve.
  3. We just had this disscussion at my dz a couple weeks ago. And this is what the DZO explained to us. Because before this, non inflated tracking groups were exiting first, then belly, free, aff, tandems, and then inflatables. Long story short the DZO wants the large tracking groups out after tandems and before the wingsuits and tracking suits. Though he explained it further talking about not just exit seperation playing a factor but horizontal decealaration of the groups exiting. This i think has alot to do with the ability of the people tracking as well. Some new jumpers probably don't cover much ground when first learning to track so seperation come pull time could get sketchy when a 8-way group such as your self star burst and track like bats out of hell. With that he said to put solo or low expeirenced trackers out after the freeflyers and before aff/tandems. It makes sense to me, wheather or not it makes sense to you coming second hand, i'm sorry. He's a lot smarter man then me. It just takes more communication before loading the plane, when there is a large mix of groups on a load.
  4. The storm while a great canopy is nothing like the Safire2 or sabre2. The storm is a 7 cell and the saf2 and sab2 are 9 cells. the sabre or the safire will have a better glide and a little more sporty than the storm. My first wing was a storm always had decent openings(500-600 feet) got on my new safire2 packed it the same way as the storm and had a nice 1,000 foot + opening.
  5. I just have a handful on my new saf2, all i can say so far is, butter! super soft compared to my storm, open in about 900ft
  6. I'm sure people have learned how to skydive without the aid of the tunnel, it's a helpful tool, but not essential. Just my opinion
  7. This is a great question........for you to ask your instructors
  8. I like the Under Armor cold gear, a bit expensive but well worth it. You can also pick up some latex gloves to use as liners with some wind proof gloves. As long as they are not too bulky to use your handles. You can get a neck gaiter and some thick socks, and should be ready. I also like the full face helmet too.
  9. I bought a wing from Canada, the shipping notification said it was still there, then it showed up, guess the notification didn't transfer.
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    The Auto-bots are here!
  11. As I sit here at work in the Denver area looking at 50+ degree temps with just a trace of clouds in the sky, while i'm sure there is a "Mile-Hi now call" taking place, I read this this and sigh. It reminds me of a similar battle in a town were I used to live, a lady didn't like the music playing on a local FM radio station, she too rounded up a possey, and some how got the station to change it's format. While the vast majority of people in this world would(as I would)say "Just change the station if you don't like the music!" It shows us that there is a certain type of people out there that get so hung up on the things that bother them, they look for it! And look to find ways to take the cake away from everybody just because they don't like that particular flavor. I don't like to eat spinach, so I don't eat it, buy it, or order it. I'm not gonna try and get the farmer to stop growing it, because I know other people enjoy the stuff. To each his own!
  12. I'm still happy with my choice! I'm a consertive canopy pilot and love my Storm. I'm not in a big rush to down size, plus the Storm is very forgiving with my crappy pack jobs. When it comes down to it, it's your money and your gear, I feel(take with a grain of salt because i'm still a noob) that as long as your not over loading your wing for your skill level, buy the kit you want. Yes if you turn around and sell a year old rig your gonna get screwed a little on the price, but if you take your time on the whole down sizing craze you should be able to get mulitple season out of one container.