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  1. Another skydiver did a 270 hook into him around 100 feet. It wasn't his fault. He has insurance. But he isn't going to be able to work for awhile so we are taking donations to help him get back on his feet.
  2. Where does it say I needed to get approval? I read it before i posted. unless I missed something If you're thinking about creating a thread requesting money, promoting a fundraiser or asking for votes for something - please read this post for some guidelines on what is accepted, what is not and how to go about doing it right. Donations As much as we'd love to help everyone with everything, you can imagine how many posts would flood the Bonfire if we were to allow requests for best friend's sister's cat needing money for an operation. If you're looking for donation support, we ask that you follow these guidelines. 1. Make sure that the person in need is a skydiver or direct family of a skydiver. 2. Make sure that the request is worth asking for support. Medical related issues for example is an acceptable reason. Asking for donations because someone needs a new car, obviously is not. 3. Posts by active forum members are more likely to remain than posts by those who pop in or sign up solely to post a thread looking for donations.
  3. Is it against the ToS to post links for fellow skydivers who have been injured jumping?
  4. thank you! yes i'm hoping my landings get better. :D good luck to you!
  5. awesome! good job! have you made anymore jumps since this one? good luck!
  6. and at the root, is the only place we will be able to change anything long-term. these ideas of putting bandaids on an already bleeding artery is self-defeating...and tiresome. We live in a box (the current system we live in), and there are holes in these boxes and we try to plug them not realizing that perhaps the problem isn't "how do we plug these holes" but rather, "perhaps the box is fundamentally invalid"
  7. Utopia - a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions. If there is someone who doesn't want a "utopia" then they are fools. Because, why would you want anything less? Why would you not want to try and make the world good for everyone? That is the idea behind the quote. If someone prefers seeing war, famine, bigotry, etc etc, rather than trying to make the world better, then they are fools, and possibly mentally ill IMO.
  8. Greetings fellow Farm Animal! As long as your budget allows it, I don't see why you couldn't finish your A license in the 3+ months before StPatty's rolls around. But in any event, the Farm staff will be down there and you'd be able to do just about anything at the boogie that you'd be able to do at the Farm to finish your A. (Although you might want to get your packing skills completed before hand; packing space is at a premium, and whoever is helping you learn might not be able to give you the amount of time needed.) hello! nice to meet you! i never thought about possibly finishing my A at the boogie.
  9. Corporate capitalism is unsustainable and I personally believe capitalism itself is unsustainable long term. Capitalism as we see it today is not free-market. Atleast not the way Adam Smith saw it. The problem with capitalism is it's utter foundation is built from the idea of greed. Greed is also unsustainable. Aside from unsustainability, it creates social stratification. Long-term this is bad. Why is it bad? Because as technology evolves and we begin to create newer technologies (things we can't even phathom today), if we continue to have things that separate humanity from one another, war and fighting will never end. Therefore as technology evolves, so to will our weapons and our ability to destroy ourselves. A thousand years from now there will be technologies and scientific truths that we today do not know or understand. So as humanity approches a Type 1 civilization within the next 100 years or so, if we continue the way we are going, we may very well see the extinction of the human species. I admit the system must fail in order for humanity to change. Humanity will never accept a sudden change in their lives or the world willingly, it will take some extreme threat for them to be willing to change. Be that war, an asteroid, gamma ray burst, total economic collapse, etc. It will be change or it will be the jaws of the tiger. I'm not saying we will have a utopia, you can't achieve perfection, but "if you aren't a utopianist, then you're a fool"
  10. haha, im 29. i guess im old or young depending on who you ask :p
  11. I have already been invited to the boogie! im gonna try to get my A before then but if i cant i am still coming for the beer and the knowledge! thank you for the welcome... And yes the farm is great! i have had nothing but great experiences there and Hans is an amazingly awesome guy. Thanks again!