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  1. My heart goes out to Mr Jones, he looked to be having a good time. What an AWESOME instructor!!
  2. As this is my first custom rig, I really have nothing to compare to. I bought this because of the options and price, Art at skydive store gave me an amazing quote! My experience so far is the rig was initially tight in my opinion (what the hell do I know at 50 jumps), Dana aty skydive store had the same problem, Dana said to give it a 100 jumps to break in and I did. I have 260 jumps now and rig feels apart of me, I put it on at the 10 minute call , that's how comfortable it is.
  3. skydiving has taken me by surprise and now find myself on a new journey, that has kick ass excitement and friends that go above and beyond!!
  4. thanks for writing this article, I am a new "a" licensed jumper and appreciate this informative article, which will make me a better and safer jumper.
  5. Went to Adventures in Skydiving At skydive Arizona and thanks to the great office staff, instructors and manifest,I was able to complete my training ASAP. I felt completely safe and have many new friends for life! I am back in Hawaii and really looking forward to improving my skills to be a better skydiver.
  6. Hello everyone, I just did my second solo and for the first time I was the last one exiting with no instructor. As I go through the dive in my mind, I see me leaving and ask myself How do I close the door to the otter? I come to reality and can't believe I asked such a stupid question.
  7. followed the landing pattern of the guy before me, he landed down wind. I over shot the grass, lined up a clear path, flared. right before landing coming real fast(downwind landing) I see this bush I'm going to hit, so i lift my legs the bush catches my behind (ass), flips me and a roll to a stop. My but was really sore, went to drop off my chute to pack and the told the packer what happened. The packer asked me if I got any thorns? I told him "NO LOTS OF PRESSURE, NO PENETRATION". Having a blast!
  8. I finally completed AFF, thanks to folks at Skydive Arizona. continuing to coach jumps for my "A" license. Having a blast here when there's no dust devils
  9. I am now at Skydive Adventures at skydive Arizona to continue my training to my "A" license. This place is awesome, the staff and instructors really go all the way to help me get training done. The free stay at the bunk house eliminates the lodging cost. just hope the winds calm down so I can get more jumps per day in.
  10. Thanks, I read the uspa sim before committing to taking school program so I have a good idea what's expected of me and the objectives that I need to complete to finish. I also, watched a lot of you tube aff videos good and bad to get a total picture of this journey I want to start. I don't want to waste the instructor and schools time and try to be prepared when I show up, by reading the sim manual and going over in my mind what the next aff requirement is.
  11. I did the "ground school" 10 days prior took about 4 hours was a one on one and I read the manual from uspa a couple of times, each aff jump has a briefing and training for that jump. The instructor was very happy with my understanding of what is expected and I felt some what comfortable. This will be my fourth jump and still not to comfortable of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, but it's all good once out the door
  12. I am going to look into attending an actual dive school to get my A license, the price and length of the course is what most concerns me. Currently I am asked to just show up early and hopefully get a jump, they let me make an appointment for the aff course, but for a fun tandem they will make an appointment. That day I have seen people show up no appointment and be put on the second or third plane. I know I have to wait my turn and usually get a jump after waiting a couple of hours. I looked online Arizona has a skydive school with a nice package deal with lodging, course takes 10-12 days. Will definitely talk to the wife as she is doing the aff course with me!
  13. I talked to the person in charge of training at Skydive Hawaii over the phone and the impression I got was he probably was high on dope and very unprofessional . I talked to pacific intl skydive center Stephanie answered all my questions very professional, so I choose to go with Pacific intl Skydive Hawaii. unfortunately she doesn't make the manifest for the jumps.