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    He demanded an apology from the ‘fake news media’ for saying he called Markle nasty, I wonder what the chances are of him apologising for lying about it?
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    True. As the social media posts I keep seeing say: Abortions : BAN THEM! Birth control: BAN IT! Immigrants: BAN THEM! Guns: Look, banning things never works, it's a mental health problem.
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    First fifty or so jumps on my new canopy, I psycho packed it. Seemed to offer more control. Here's a video that may help, but always discuss with a rigger, never take advice off of the internet, go to the PIA conference before you do anything new, yadda yadda yadda
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    Simply mark the tags at the attachment points with colored markers. Sure, it may not be "cool" but why worry about this part of packing when "getting it in the bag" is usually stressful enough (especially if your canopy is large and brand-new!)
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