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    I guess, but to put it in perspective I’m more concerned with...say... my dryer lint, then some dudes personal tax dealings.
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    I know you don’t like Hillary and to be honest I don’t really know much about her, but there is a good article she wrote that came out today https://www.smh.com.au/world/north-america/how-we-should-respond-to-mueller-report-20190425-p51h0y.html
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    I am 69 years old and in my 51st year of skydiving. I had two cutaways, one over Pope Valley CA in 1972 using military surplus gear and one over Rantoul Illinois using modern gear in 2005. I see skydiving as a very risky sport and see myself as a lucky cautious participant. Perry Stevens D-51 taught me how to jump in 1968. One bit of advice he gave me was: "when something looks marginal to you, take a pass on it, ALWAYS." Marginal planes, marginal gear, marginal jump plans, marginal weather etc. I've done nearly everything I can to mitigate risk. I jump with an RSL and a Cypres AAD. I don't swoop, wingsuit or BASE jump. I practice emergency procedures. I get gear checks before I board. I was a very early AAD user, buying an SSE Sentinal 2000 as soon as they hit the market. Back then experienced jumpers who wore AADs were ridiculed, but I didn't care. When I could finally afford a square canopy, I bought a conservative one (Triathlon) that would put me at 1.2 to 1 wing loading and never downsized even on subsequent buys. My reserve is almost as big as my main. If steady winds exceed 18 mph I wait for better conditions. I passed on manifesting for Twin Beech jumps on really hot days with loads that clearly exceeded max gross limits. I passed on really green Cessna piston jumpship pilots. I passed on having beer with lunch at a DZ where it was SOP. I could go on but you get the picture. I am not gloating or saying I am better than people who take more risk than I do. My point is that there are many things you can do (or more accurately NOT do) that will substantially reduce risk and still allow you to participate in the best sport on the planet. You won't be sharing granite skimming wingsuit videos with your friends but you can still have a great time.
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    Yes and I’m pretty sure that the aforementioned elephant is PINK.
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    If anyone is interested, here are a couple of deployments on my Volt loaded at 1.3 I've only noticed the left toggle fire at 0:52 after editing the video. Canopy did not react to it at all and the last clip is the worst opening I got in 50 jumps. I also had a downwinder a week ago and I ran it out without any fuss, great canopy. Love it very much. The first two deployments are in slow motion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbvbXkjUxfE
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