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  1. I guess, but to put it in perspective I’m more concerned with...say... my dryer lint, then some dudes personal tax dealings.
  2. For one one I didn’t say elimate all taxes, but income tax is BS, a more usage based system would be much more morally sound I’d eliminate most of the .mil, focus on defending our nation and quit our failed foreign policy / nation building. Police, we could probably cut them by 75%, remove the crazy retirement and other benifits which are rare in the private sector. Frankly the amount of real police work they do, vs being meter maids, from my experience police don’t actually stop crime, they mostly document it after it happens. Frankly the country was much better off not all that long ago when it had a much smaller goverment. The larger the government, the smaller the citizen.
  3. Who cares? Two jobs 1 Protect my rights 2 stay out of my life and wallet. If the president wants to do blow of the inner thigh of a midget hooker I really don’t care, I wouldn’t want someone in that office who couldn’t figure out how give the IRS the least as possible. If you want to be honest the IRS is more of a threat to mainstreet than ISIS.
  4. Not sure how any of this is desperate, I mean if what the dems are putting out is their best, they are a lost cause, I mean Spartacus and a bartender with a room temp IQ, or sanders being exposed for the warmongering 1%er government fatcat living large off the backs of taxpayers as he yells “pay your fair share”? Compare to events of recent and past, markets are doing great, jobs doing great, pulled out of some of the Mideast (unlike the broken campaign promises of obama and Co), said he was spied on during the campaign and he had nothing to do with Russia, left runs a 2 year and $25,000,000.00 wild goose chase that proves him correct and actually causes more damage for the left then anything. Illegals, frankly securing the border is a good thing, but it’s waaaay down the list of issues we have here, between the tons of violations and laws that violate our 10 fundamental rights, the excessive taxes and predatory legal system that turns a blind eye to the real victimizers but goes after victimless crimes like seal team 6, got 99 problems but Jose ain’t one. Look, if you want to get rid of illegals, you don’t do it with a wall or to spend tons of money, you do it with basic changes to banking laws and goverment entitlements/license/etc. The only reason one could vote for the left would be they ether want “free shit” or they are voting off crazy emotions vs facts and logic.
  5. NinerThreeKilo

    Skydive Miami

    Great DZ, went there to get current again, C208 van made good time, great pilot, instructors and office staff, very friendly and professional. Large grass landing zone and warm FL weather, I’ll be making more jumps here for sure.
  6. I recently moved to Windhoek for work and was in need of a new home DZ. After looking on dropzone I drove to the skydive club at the main airport and then to ground rush which is located in town but the "airport" is about 15min out into the middle of BFE. SO, Ground Rush, great place to be a funjumper, I got 9 jumps in over two days, even though I'm still just a license I had no problem finding people to jump with, the DZO is involved in his DZ, knowlegible and a GREAT guy too! They have a U206 with a IO550, nice clean aircraft, since they are out in the desert there is ZERO land or air traffic to worry about, the only thing out there you could hit is the actual DZ building! Later on in the day they had quite a few tandems show up and rather then bump the fun jumpers off the loads they called in another 206 to fly over and to keep us in the air! Very happy to say I found my new home DZ!
  7. Most of my jumps are out of a grand caravan. conventional wisdom I've heard is that there is less fuel burn and the annual maintenance costs are lower on a caravan versus a twin otter. is this true? if you could choose between running a grand caravan or a twin otter, which would you choose as a pilot, jumper, and owner? When posed with only those two options, I would choose the Twin Otter. I am personally not a fan of single engine airplanes. While the Grand Caravan will be cheaper to fuel, and fix, the Twin Otter will be "safer" due to the twin engine redundancy. I think you will find that the added numbers of jumpers the Twin Otter can carry, will probably offset the added direct costs of operation of the Twin Otter vs. the Caravan. If I had to choose between the different mod kits available to the Caravan, I would personally chose the Blackhawk 850 HP version, ONLY because I don't have enough Garrett experience to feel comfortable behind them, but I have JUST enough to feel uncomfortable behind them until I have the opportunity to gain more experience. I still stand behind my earlier post, I am a huge fan of the King Air series. They are built like brick $hithouses, VERY reliable, strong, fast climbers and low fuel burns. Yea, twins are always safer eh??? Old beat PT6 twin otter loosing a engine (critical engine?) on climbout with your average "career" quazi trained DZ pilot.... you know the likely ending to that story if you're a ATP I'd vote for the 208 and I'm a fan of the 331 too.
  8. If I'm the pilot, and there's an emergency situation, and I yell: "EVERYONE SIT STILL", there's a reason for it. If someone was to decide on their own to open the door and go, that would be the last time they ever rode on a plane I was flying. If the plane is on the edge of control, opening the door or shifting around of passengers could be catastrophic. x3 You realize you are on a commercial flight right? The pilot is the FINAL authority and is interested in your safety as he is responsible for it If you decide to play by your own rule book, you should know "No person may assault, threaten, intimidate, or interfere with a crewmember in the performance of the crewmember's duties" So you screw around during a emergency, causing the flight characteristics of the plane to change, you get your friends hurt, the plane bent and presuming the PIC doesn't rip you in half, there's a decent chance you might go to prison (federal) heck might even hold you accountable for the damages due to your actions. Dont be a moron, if the pilot tells you to do something it's not only for his benefit it's for YOURS too
  9. Guys, As a pilot who works a DZ and has done quite a bit of flying work outside of the DZ as well (charter to specialty) who has had a engine failure (and no I was not lucky enough to have it at the DZ where I'm over a airport in near CAVU conditions) here's my two cents. The first thing I'm going to do is pitch for my best glide speed Second pick my landing area (not necessarily the airport, but at a DZ probably the airport) Three trouble shoot my engine if I have time Once I have best glide and my spot I'll probably holler at you guys as I'm trouble shooting, or before. More then likely I will have you bail, I'm PIC, meaning I am responsible for each and every one of you and I dont want my pax to be in any more danger then they have to be, also I want to be light. WHAT NOT TO DO, Ive heard some of you guys saying that if the pilot doesnt say anything by a few thousand feet you're going to jump, NO NO NO I realize that there are some F tard pilots who work at DZs and there IS a chance the dude just isnt going to speak up, some people excel under stress, some not so much... That being said, at a low altitude I am setting up to land and I dont need the flight characteristics of my aircraft to change around on me AT ALL If you're going to jump without asking me I'd rather you do it at altitude then down low.
  10. Thanks, I'll check the calssifeds out. I'm not looking for a flying job though, I moved out here from CA for a contract tailwheel job, so this is just something I would be looking to do two days a week or something like that, also my shit is 100% together
  11. How long is a first jump course? I know about skydive TAL, however I can never get anyone on the phone, so I'm not sure if anything has changed with them. As for ratings, Commercial land & sea, instrument and instructor, probably be looking for more of single engine job, seems like most of the twin otter guys operators are looking for ATPs. If anyone has contact info for any of the other DZs please let me know (or PM me if you prefer). Thanks, 93K
  12. Hey guys, first time poster, I recently moved to Bainbridge, Georgia for a flying job and find there isnt a HUGE about to do around here. I'm a commercial pilot looking for any DZs that might want a free couple day a week pilot in exchange for some skydiving instruction... Any leads? Thanks, 93K