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    Founded in 1975, the Victoriaville Parachuting School is one of the pioneers of parachuting in Quebec. Strategically located in the Center-du-Québec region on an important road, it is easily accessible from all major cities. Whether you come from Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières or Montreal, this is the ideal meeting point to meet friends! A team of experienced, dynamic, professional and attentive to your needs will help you to make your first jump an unforgettable experience. Whether you have a single jump or thousands of jumps we know that the first is the most important of all! To live the experience of a safe life, welcome to the Victoriaville Parachuting School!
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    Wendy et al, there's an app called "Hello Crowd," for Android and iOS. Grab the app (it's free), then search for Parachute Industry Association. You can find the seminar schedule there, as it currently stands. Hope to see you in Dallas!
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    I'll be there. Look for me at the RI/USAPR booth. In the spirit of just messing around with parachutes, ask about Skeleton Risers™! Sorry, I'm saving the video of rappelling from a round parachute for the August mini-Symposium, along with the no-hardware adjustable chest strap. But in case you missed it elsewhere, this is Karl Bob having way too much fun:
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    I like the NEW instead of green button. I also think that clicking the title should take you to first new post. my $.02
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    I choose a point on the horizon, far away. I zoom the camera as much in as it can. With the helmet on my head, I ask a friend to point the camera (and my head) to that that point. To judge this, a live view from the camera is needed, or a few seconds delay on the gopro app is also OK. With the app you could probably even do it on your own. Then I adjust my sight for the same point on the horizon. My sights are aligned for infinite distance; but since I know the distance between my lense and my eye (10 cm or 4"), I compensate by pointing the sight 10 cm below the point I want centered. So if I want someones eyes of in the center of the picture, I aim for their chin. This works for every distance. And what also helps: with a new setup I often spend a few minutes shooting pictures around the house, trying to frame the pictures and later check how far off I was. You learn a lot that way. Just wait till you are home alone for it, 'cause you look rediculus doing this ;-)
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    2ways: either choose distance and sight it in for that distance ... thats the way most people (that i know) do it ... but that only works for 1 distance ... what i do: measure the offset of ringsight vs camera lens. make 2 crosses with the same offset on a piece of paper. then sight in the ringsight so camera has its cross in the center when ringsight has it's own offset in center. that way it works for all distances and all lenses. the only thing you have to get uses to is that you have to aim with the same offset all the time.
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    No tandem factory. Tandems are done from Cessna's while the Navajo(the main plane) is used for regulars. Great Skydiving Vibe overall. Great packers, Great instructors, Great people and a nice plane. All this makes Victo a very friendly place to skydive. Bonfire is freaking amazing and they have this weird habit to fill your beer glass every time is empty. Sometimes the fire is so strong that you have to take few steps back to be in the safety range. Cute girls everywhere (whohoooo) but they all have BF (Booooooo). I know, this should be a cons but since nobody farted in the plane I let this one slide!!
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