Dynamic corners for a CRW container?

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1 hour ago, timski said:

I honesty don't know why everyone isn't going this route on ALL rigs??? 

It doesn't serve a lot of purpose on standard jumps and there is some downside to getting open corners. Mainly, the right-most locking stow, the lines from the locking stow can protrude into the general area where you route the bridle. This means that in theory it is possible that as you stuff the bridle under the right flap with your finger, you could push the bridle up and through some of the lines from the right locking stow. The end result could possibly be a pilot chute in tow if the lines tangle with the bridle. If you do not have open corners, the general area where that right locking stow will be sitting will be sewn up thus isolating the lines form the bridle in that section and nearly eliminating this risk. This is why when I pack a rig with open corners I take that right locking stow and I push the lines down into the bottom of the container with my finger so that there is little risk of them interfering with the bridle.

I dont see much benefit for it for CReW. It's really just a wingsuiting thing. I absolutely would not pay money for it. With most containers, open corners only means that they don't sew the bottom of the bottom flap to the side flaps. In other words, you're paying money for them to not do something. Instead, order the container normally and just pull the stitching out with a seam ripper and spend the extra money on jump tickets. Note: I dont know what ALL manufacturers do when you order the dynamic corners option, but all the manufacturers I am familiar with do what I said above. I would ask your specific manufacture to see what they do.

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I found it more of a hindrance when closing a CRW canopy in the container.   A normal boxed container keeps the slippery canopy somewhat contained when closing the flaps.  The dynamic corners just allowed it to slide around more.    

For wingsuits - the direction that the bag is pulled is different from other disciplines and there is a benefit.   For CRW I see no benefit.   

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