EU (Italy?) Medical pro Paracadute - You've GOT to be Kidding!!

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Just got a call from a primary care provider here in Italy. I was scheduled to have a sports physical ("Certifico Medico sportivo Agonistico" [sounds painful, don't it? It isn't though]) for Thursday, which is pretty comprehensive and includes a cardiac stress test and EKG. I did this back in early 2017.

I just got a call from the provider saying that the laws changed in 2017, and BEFORE one can undergo the Agonistico, one must have THREE PRIOR EXAMS:



Electroencephalogram (EEG)

Then and only then, according to the caller, can the Agonistico (cardiac stress & EKG) be taken.

Cheese and Rice! I only wanna jump out of an airplane, not land it on a carrier deck! WTF!?

Naturally I'd just jump on the good ol' Freccerossa and schlep over to a handy nearby country (like Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland) but I don't know yet whether this BS is peculiar to Italy or if it's an EU thing. If it is, it's a huge overreach (yes, I know Switzerland is not in the EU. However, they have a lot of agreements with the EU, notably Schengen). I can understand a TM or pilot being compelled to jump through these hoops (along with whiz-quiz) because there are other people's lives at stake, but a fun jumper? Get real!

Anybody in Europe dealt with this?


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In the Netherlands you only need a medical if you are a student (less than B licence) or if you are a Tandem Instructor. It is nowhere near as complicated as what you describe; certainly no cardiac stress testing.  So no, I don't think it is because of European regulations.

The list of items that a doctor is supposed to check (and sign off) is stated in our national regulations; it is NOT a standard sports physical check. It is also not the same as a pilots medical. So perhaps the same goes for Italy? Are you sure that the medical you requested is the one you need for skydiving, and not one that is far too extensive?



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Canadian skydiving students can “self-declare” their medical fitness.

OTOH Canadian Tandem Instructors are supposed to maintain Transport Canada Class 3 medicals (private pilot). While the doctor’s examination is simple and stable aight forward, TC paperwork require many weeks to process. So, every time I trained a new Strong TI, I insisted on a doctor’s note (ideally from a TC-approved aero-medical doctor) but told them not to waste time on TC paperwork.

 Sometimes air crew medicals are illogical.

While American light sport pilots are allowed “self declare” their medical fitness, Transport Canada insists on 4th Class Medical for ultra-light pilots. TC 4th Class Medicals require all the same complex and expensive medical tests as commercial pilots.

Can anyone explain TC’s logic??????

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