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  1. carvai

    Youngest Swooper?

    It is a real case in Portugal. He made the first jump in the same day he complete the 16 year - legal age for starting jumping. He never made a tandem and his mother is owner of a DZ. And he already broke an elbow in a "superman" landing.
  2. In Portugal we need a standard sport certificate, very simple and similar for all sports. We also need a sport insurance that includes medical support in case of accidents.
  3. Antje Grube, Mark Koark camera
  4. I was the IPC Controller on that event.
  5. carvai

    Altimeter Combos

    An analog always on the wrist. Nowadays a digital in front of the eyes mounted on the helmet.Always visible in any type of jump.
  6. carvai

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    I was part of the FAI BOD for 12 years including several years with B.J. Worth as President. I participated in the Task Force that created the FAI license and I remember that the USPA regulations were almost completely copied. Even because at that time most of the countries of the world copied the USPA regulations. It is always easy to criticize but to make things happen is very difficult. 20 years in the federation of my country served as a lesson ...
  7. carvai

    Altimeter Options for Wingsuiting?

    I'm 63 years old and no problem reading it. After open normally the visor becomes fogged ( a problema with the Phantom's helmet) but is only a few seconds.
  8. carvai

    Altimeter Options for Wingsuiting?

    Great! How do you have fixed it on your helmet? Thanks Easy, a small aluminum plate and a screw, I used the Go-Pro screw. Many people use Go-Pro on the same site.
  9. carvai

    Altimeter Options for Wingsuiting?

    Just put a altimeter in front of yours eyes. I used a Parasport ALOXS because it's lite and have a vertical presentation. But can be used any digital altimeter.
  10. carvai

    How old is too old?

    A few months ago I buy back my first custom rig that I sold in 2000 and nobody jumped with it. I had a PDR143R DOM 1996 and I send it to PD for inspection. They send it back with permission for more 30 repacks (this means 30 years more on my Country). I jumping again with the old rig - Tallon II and a Stilleto 150 all DOM 1996 but only 200 jumps. I just buy a new Vigil 4.
  11. 42 years on the sport, 1.200 jumps 0 cutaways but 3 reserve rides (2 rounds 1 square direct) 18 years playing Golf - one all-in-one...
  12. Get a licence from Norwegian Federation. They have one of the best insurance for skydive in the world.
  13. carvai

    SkySurfing Skyboards?

    Try to contact this guy. He have a lot of boards in different sizes.