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  1. My mistake, I meant women's skysurf. The podium was (according to my research) Russia (Maria Ryabikova - Viktoriya Demidova) France (Blandine Perroud - Cyril Lancry) Germany (??? - ???)
  2. Hello, I am doing some research on the result of past artistic events world championships (freefly, freestyle and skysurf). I could not find anywhere on the internet the names of the medalists for : 3rd place USA Freefly team at Menzelinsk (Russia) in 2010 3rd place USA Freestyle team at Menzelinsk (Russia) in 2010 3rd place USA Freestyle (men) team at Maubeuge (France) in 2008 1st place Finland Freestyle (women) team at Maubeuge (France) in 2008 3rd place Switzerland Freestyle (women) team at Maubeuge (France) in 2008 3rd place Germany Skysurf (men) team at Gera (Germany) in 2006 Would anyone here have this information and be willing to share it with me ?
  3. Alexis_C

    US DZ operating Skyvan or Sherpa

    Isn't it one of the Skyvans owned by Perris coming to Elsinore for military jumps mostly ?
  4. Alexis_C

    Dropzones in France

    The latest version of the canopy size rules document is this one Rumor has it that these rules do not apply to foreigners but they actually do. They might still let you use any canopy in some DZ because you're a foreigner. I would recommend calling the DZ in advance if your canopy is too small according to the rules. Alternative solution is to rent the gear. It seems much easier to rent gear in France than in the US. It usually costs 8-10€ per jump. "Good DZ" can mean a lot of different things. Do you want a nice scenery? Go to a DZ near the sea or near the mountains. Do you want to jump a lot? Go to a DZ with a lot of activity. Gap, Pamiers, Bouloc, Pujaut are some of the DZ that do the most jumps per year. But then you migh feel more welcome in a smaller DZ where the staff has less people to manage. Check the boogies if you feel like meeting a lot of people and partying! I don't think any DZ is France is really used to international jumpers, but you should find someone speaking english in every DZ.
  5. Alexis_C

    freezone wind tunnel

    I went to Freezone 2 times (in 2012 and 2013) and at the time, Alex Ryzhenkov was by far the best in this tunnel... at speaking english! Which is actually a very important skill for a coach, if you can't speak russian, that is. I went with a group of French people and we had our own coach so I don't know him that well, but he was a very nice guy, always happy to give some advice or even help and coach when he was at the door. He also seemed to be a very good flyer and, as I mentionned already, spoke english very well.