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  1. massis

    nil winds

    center leader, the guy in charge of the DZ that day (he communicates with the pilot, decides on jump limits, counts jumpers after they open, ... ). And basicly, yes. DZ only operates on weekends, and there's always someone in charge of the arrow. He's not "holding" it , as it's a flat piece of vinyl 6+ft long and pretty damn heavy. It is put in the center of the landing zone (which is split into 2 sections, so both left & righthanded circuits are possible without collision risk) pointing in the landing direction based on prevalent winds. They generally stick to one of 4 directions (~NESW) so a bit of crosswind is pretty usual at our DZ. If the winds change, the arrow can be moved into the new direction as required. In nil winds or very low and changing winds, it is often left in one landing direction all day to avoid confusion. It used to be by the side of the DZ, with a bullseye in the middle marking the center of the landing zone, but earlier this season they removed the bullseye and put the arrow in the center. You can see the arrow on google maps even :-)
  2. massis

    nil winds

    My DZ has an arrow, which can be rotated up until exit. As soon as the pilot gives the 2 minutes call, the CTL will no longer move the arrow. Our landing site is split in 2 halves (with a 20m buffer in the center) and you can choose left or right-handed circuits, but everyone lands in the same direction. There's a sign with the current landing direction at the boarding area, but everyone is advised this can change while in the plane, especially since the landing site is roughly 3km away from the actual landing site...
  3. Belgium has a simple form your local doctor can fill in, basicly stating you're fit to jump, nothing more.
  4. massis

    Shipping skydive rig internationally

    Take into account the import & customs duties. In Belgium/The Netherlands (and I think most of Europe) this is 21% of the total parcel value (gear + shipping) in VAT, then another 5-10% import duties on top of that + an additional 30€ in administration fees. All in all it often adds about 30% to your package...
  5. You're doing the WL division the wrong way around. It's your 220lbs weight against the 280 lbs canopy, not the other way around, so your WL is roughly 0.78 now and well within limits. I'm about 195lbs myself (5'10") and currently jumping a 210 sqft at 57 jumps and a canopy course. I can say that the Belgian canopy restrictions allow for pretty fast downsizing when compared to many other countries or for example Brian Germain's downsizing list: based on his list you'd be ok jumping a 230 sqft, not downsizing before #100. However given that you're jumping at altitude, upsizing is probably a good idea. On the other hand I find it strange that you're having such problems landing on a large canopy like that, even at altitude I wouldn't expect much problems landing calmly & controlled (even if falling over or sliding on your butt) under a 300sqft. What exactly is happening on your landings?
  6. massis

    Vigil service delays

    I dropped mine off at Vigil Belgium (I live 15 minutes away) on Feb 1st for it's 10y service. Was told it would take "a few weeks" (instead of the ~8days mentioned on the RMA documentation) because they were so busy. Haven't heard anything yet... I hope to hear something in the next week or 2 since my new rig will be here soon.
  7. massis

    DZs in Europe

    Yikes, they're really conservative... I'm 90kg (~103kg out the door) and currently jumping a 210sqft at 55 jumps. Have bought my first rig with a Silhouette 190, and plan to switch to that in another 15-20 jumps or so (rig is currently on order) if I feel comfortable enough. That makes me one of the slower downsizers in our club (which makes sense since I'm also one of the heaviest), but according to the French rules apparently I'd still have to jump a 230 and wouldn't be allowed a 190 until 250 jumps and a 170 until 400 jumps...
  8. massis

    DZs in Europe

    as far as jump tickets go, PCV over here in Belgium is among the cheapest in (Western) Europe. Prices have gone up for the first time in 20 years orso this season, but they're still cheap: if you buy 100 jumps, they're €16.4 each. They're valid at all 3 PCV DZ's (Moorsele, Schaffen & Zwartberg) and all 3 rock a caravan taking you to 13k ft in 12~mins. Downside, we're only open on weekends & holidays, except for the boogie at the end of July.
  9. Preface: I'm a 36-jump noob, still learning this myself. But I'll have a go to see if the more experienced jumpers here feel the same. Theory says this order, bigger groups always first: FS > FF > AFF > Tandem > wingsuit So in this case I'd say: 4-way belly exits first, then solo WL 0.9, solo 0.7, sitfly, vertical, tracking
  10. massis

    First jump: Tandem or AFF?

    Well, we HAVE been talking about a return visit to Belgium.... We cross the pond a couple times a year and the idea of jumping over there has been considered. However, my patient bride has a bad shoulder which sadly eliminates her participation. I’ll keep travel and skydiving separate, at least for now. Locally the Tandems are $179-199 (with ‘specials’ @$149). AFF1 are $329-349. Photos/videos are additional. photos €60, video €80 additional iirc. Also: I would advise everyone to do a tandem first, because you can enjoy the view and the experience and have lots of time under canopy and not a single worry in the world. Compared to a tandem, your AFF lvl 1 is hard work, you're focussing on tasks at hand, doing your drills, and will be down on the ground before you fully realise you jumped out of an airplane. My AFF lvl 1 was awesome, and I really enjoyed it and all jumps since, but none of them had that same wow factor as my tandem...
  11. massis

    First jump: Tandem or AFF?

    sounds like a REALLY expensive AFF? Tandem is €220 here, and AFF-1 is €230...
  12. massis

    How soon did you start buying gear?

    Started AFF in April. Bought my audible at 27 jumps in june upon advice of my FS instructor. Went in for surgery, bought my fullface (G3) at 28 jumps but end of July. Had a guy at our DZ who started a group order of suits, so ordered my first suit (Intrudair RW) in June, received it 2 weeks ago, now at 34 jumps. Don't have my own alti yet, but they're included at our DZ's when you rent a rig anyways, so a clean suit, a fullface helmet and an audible were much more important to me.
  13. massis

    Age of active TIs

    IIRC over here in Belgium the maximum allowed age is 50 to get your rating.
  14. Lol I'll tell him he funneled the record next time I see him
  15. They did a 9-way from a supervan last week at the Flanders Boogie. See here at 5min10: