Piper Navajo

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Low wing correct? I think the jump team from ft. Campbell flew in one from Pier South Dakota to Bismarck North Dakota in the early 80s iirc
i have on occasion been accused of pulling low . My response. Naw I wasn't low I'm just such a big guy I look closer than I really am .

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Sadly, I was Vancouver Skydive's Navajo for its last load on 2017 September 23. An overly-ambitious airport manager and under-ambitious air traffic controllers collaborated to ground the Navajo too often.

As for seats, start with hard foam blocks 12" wide and 10" to 14" those dimensions work well in King Airs but the lower ceiling in Navajo will probably need to install only 10" of hard foam with a thin layer of plywood topped with closed cell camping matresses. Wrap the whole thing in vinyl or Cordura or carpet. Make the co-pilot's side bench the full distance from the co-pilot's instrument panel to the front door frame. Cut off the pilot's side benches couple of feet short of the door.
As for seatbelts: call Hooker Harness. Leave the cargo rings in because they are handy for anchoring tandem students' side hooks.

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The wing spar does not allow you to run the bench all the way to the instrument panel. Much easier to sit on the floor and slide to the door.
We have been running a Navajo for 3.5 years.
Charlie Gittins, 540-327-2208
AFF-I, Sigma TI, IAD-I
MEI, CFI-I, Senior Rigger
Former DZO, Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures

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If you cut a spar-sized notch in the bottom of the bench, it will fit over the spar and can extend all the way forward to the co-pilot's instrument panel.
Alternately, you could make the starboard bench in two pieces and remove the front part (forward of the spar) when the pilot's seat is occupied.
Rob Warner
Private Pilot
Retired Air Force technician
FAA Master Rigger
Rigger Instructor and Examiner
IAD, S/L, PFF Instructor
Strong TIE
TI for Racer, Sigma, Strong and Vector

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