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1st car – 1970 Barracuda slant 6 up graded later to a 360 CUDA kept it till just a few months ago
2nd Car – 1974 Duster slant 6
3rd Car – 1982 Honda Accord
4th Car – 1983 Honda Accord
5th Car – 1984 Mazda RX 7
6th Car – 1984 Chrysler Laser turbo
7th Car – 1970 Duster
8th Car – 2002 Hyundai Accent
9th Car – 2004 Hyundai Elantra

I use to work on my own cars at one time I had cars1,4,5,6,7. I would alternate between fixing them and just getting so sick of them that I would park it. There was a time just one or two days where I did not have any of them running.

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1- 1978 OLDS TORONADO (Parents old car)
3- 1986 MUSTANG
5- 1989 ESCORT
6- 1989 TRANS AM
7- 1992 NISSAN 200SX
8- 1992 PROBE
8- 1996 RANGER
9- 1998 EXPLORER
10- 2000 EXPLORER
11- 2002 EXPLORER
12- 2003 SL500
13- 2003 H2
14- 2004 EXPLORER
15 -2006 F-150
few other beaters I had when I started driving but I dont count them because the first year I drove, had 4 cars blew up on me.

Still driving the last 4 but the old lady wants a new car. have to get rid of the Explorer and get her an H3
POPS 11113

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1st - 1980 Datsun B-210. Stick shift. Gutless and piece of crap. Only paid $600 though and it drove at least.

2nd - 1983 Volvo 240 Turbo. Felt like a Sportscar in comparison to the B210 powerwise and handling isn't bad. Also a stick.

3rd - 1997 Volvo 850 GLT. Almost a sportscar. 190 HP, 5 cyl inline engine was automatic, but had sport, economy and winter modes. Maroon w/ Black leather interior, moon & sunroofs, dual climate control, decent sound system. I did 130 along the Columbia river gorge once and it could've tached out at 140 if I really tried (I don't know if I've even freeflown much faster considering that I can barely get into a sit/stand). Unfortunately, I rearended a small pickup in commute traffic which totaled it. (Insert cryint emoticon.)

4th and current - 1993 Volvo 940 Turbo. VERY low miles and bought with settlement check. Still had <100K. I still miss that 97 I crashed.

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’80 Subaru Brat, my first car, (Bought new totaled with in one year)
’79 Subaru Station wagon (Best mileage car I have owned 32 Hwy, wreck it twice, totaled)
’83 S-10 (bought new after station wagon and drove it into the ground and sold for the S-15)
‘66 Pontiac GTO, hdt., my first hot rodB| (389, 3x2 bbl. manual transmission) Sold for the Firbird
’69 Pontiac Firebird Espit, hdt (250, 4bbl., manual transmission, rare) sold for the T/A
’89 S-15 (bought new and drove it into the ground and sold for the Dakota)
’70 Trans Am (RA III, Manual transmission) Sold two years ago

’98 Dodge Dakota (bought new driving it to its grave)
’65 S Type Jag (Bought in '98 from Dad who bought it from grandma, just keeping it in the family)

'74 Suzuki TM 250
'77 Suzuki RM 125
'84 Honda FT 500 (Great city, shitty highway bike, sold and applied moneys for the S-15)

Looking at a new bike:)

The five most interesting vehicles I have operated.

Late 1940s GE diesel electric switch yard locomotive
1942 Ford pickup built Flathead V8 (This got me hook on hotrods)
1947 Dodge Power wagon top speed maybe 50 MPH
1950s something, Autocar flatbed truck
1980s LeTourneau log stacker 65 ton capacity
Memento Mori

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First Car - 1966 Chevy Step Side Pick Up (Mildly Built 350 with Muncie 4 Speed - Project started when I was 10 and finished by 13. Sold it before I ever got a License)

Second Car - 1970 Duster - 225 Slant Six and three on the Tree. (Later swapped K-Member and dropped 73 340 engine (Cast Crank and Pistons) and 727 trans.. Blew it up (See Cast Crank and Piston.. Not good for 140hp Nitrous Kit:))

Third Car - 1979 Pinto with Starsky and Hutch Paint Scheme. That car too me through 6 years of College and NEVER quit running.

Many Cars after that.. Mainly Hondas.

1971 340 Pro Street Duster (1968 Block, W2 heads, Forged Crank, Eagle Rods, KB 10.5 to 1 Hypereutectic, .508 Lift Cam, M1 Single Plane Intake, Custom Barry Grant Carb (Personally built by the man himself before he got all Famous!!), 727 Trans, JW 4800 RPM Stall, 8 3/4 Posi Track Rear end, 538 Richmond Gears for 1/8 mile, Additional 430 Geared Chunk for 1/4 mile, 250 hp adjustable Plate NOS System)

1966 Belvedere 2 door Non-Post Car – Currently 318 and 727 but about to get the Drive train from the duster and I will scrap the duster body as it is a POS anyway)

2002 Honda Accord EX coupe

1993 GMC Vandura Conversion Van (The Disco Boogie Express!!)

My 13 Year old Daughter has:
1972 Bradley GT 2 – Kit Car currently 85% Complete
2001 Junior Dragster (Runs low 9`s in the 8th mile (A little quicker than your average 5.0 Mustang)

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1. 1976 International Harvester Scout 2 w/345 V8
- full cage and no top was a blast in high school

2. 1987 BMW 325i - Mom bought new and gave to me for graduation. I got rid of it with 157,000 miles on it. It was on a tow truck once and only once for a $90 broken fuel pump @ 115,000 miles.

3. 1994 Ford Cobra - 14# Paxton Novi 2000 huffer with Aluminum A4 block and Canfield Heads

4. 2001 SS Crapmaro - all the bolt ons and a 125 shot. Fast car with a good tranny, but otherwise was a pile of crap

5. 2001 BMW 540i - great car until 50k warranty expired...then had to replace water pump, thermostat and housing, radiator, radiator expansion tank, Catalytic converters ($3500, thank god the warranty is longer on emmision equipment), battery and blew a Valley Pan Gasket ($1400).

6. 2005 Mercedes E55 AMG - 469 hp, 512 ft/lbs torque...stock

Also had some CR125's and a RM250
Get in - Get off - Get away....repeat as neccessary

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Well Let's see if I can remember back That FAR>>>>

1. 1958 Ford 2 door straight six. 3 speed on the column... My Grandpa gave it to me for working with him,,, ( he was gettin' a '68 galaxie and the '58 was so rusty,,, he couldn't get much for trade-in value.) my first car got it in 1969
2. 1963 Chevy Belair 4 door sedan 283 V-8 auto. plenty of H.P. and back when gasoline was 36 CENTS a gallon. paid 300 bucks for it ,, off a Ford dealers lot...;) ran for 6 years for me.. then signed over the registration/transfer in a bar,, to a friend who was sad 'cause she didn't have a car...
got it in 1970
3. 1968 Yellow V W Beetle/ Bug.. 3 speed automatic shift,,, ( no clutch,, you just slammed the shifter into the next gear )_ :ph34r:B|;)Got it in late 1975
4. Brand new 1976 Toyota Corolla Liftback, yellow.. ONLY brand new car i ever bought.. Paid 3,600 dollars for it.. It got crashed from behind, while I was waiting to make a left turn, 8 days after i bought it.... got it in 1976
5. 1976 toyota Pick-up truck.. 20R engine.. good runner. I rebuilt the back of it out of wood, when the metal all rusted.... got it in 1979
6. 1973 datsun Pick up truck, w/ cap, also rusty. Got it in 1982
7. 1980 Chevy 1/2 ton Van,, Blue..Got it in 1984
8. 1985 Chevy 3/4 ton Van Blue.. got it in 1987
9. 1963 Chevy Belair, Blue 4 door 283 V8.. clean!!! cleaner than my first '63 Belair was ... 20 years earlier... sweet car.. back seat was never sat in.. carpet on the floor was "factory"... NO rust.. a quick car.. plenty of power,,,, ( it was no 396 impala ,, but it could giddyup and GO!!!!) hated to part with it. got it in 1990 or so.
10. 1994 Chevy One ton window Van, white.. (traded in the Belair for it )[:/]:(.... got it in 1997.. still have it.. I drive it mostly to and from the dropzone..and then park it inside for the winters...
11. 1993 Ford 3/4 ton Ford Window Van got it in 2002. use it for work.. still have it......
Today,,,,, we have the
'94 Chevy one ton
'93 Ford 3/4 ton
a 2003 Chevy Impala which My Wife Drives
a 1989 Honda Accord which our son drives
a 2001 Toyota Corolla which our daughter drives and a 1990 Nisson Sentra, which sits in our garage without plates.......... :ph34r:

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Started driving in 93 . always worked on my own.

1970 F100 240CID 6 cyl , 3 on tree.
Was rusty , but not bad for age. Good truck, solid drive line sold it since got sick of rusty bolts.

1983 F250 6.9 L Diesel 4spd. Huge tank , ran great. If you could get the traction (2wd) it pull out a stump. Had some guy forget to stop and ran into me, bent the frame bad and the truck was totaled. Got $1000 more than I paid for it from in the insurance co.

1994 F250 7.3 IDI Turbo Diesel , 4wd, 5 spd. Again huge tank. Too heavy for te 4wd, it is too easy to get stuck . eagine runs great and tons of power. Never go non-turbo again. But it is a height maintenance truck has 175000 miles and I sewer it got to turn a wrench every 5000 miles other than oil changes… still got it

1998 Saturn SL2 5spd . bought it cheep since I was looking to commute to Manassas VA. Reliable, peppy , no problems other than the idiot that ran into me and totaled it and made me sore for a while.

2002 Saturn SL2 5spd. I liked the 1st Saturn so much I got another used one. enough said.

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1st - 1980 Datsun B-210. Stick shift. Gutless and piece of crap. Only paid $600 though and it drove at least.

I drove mine for 6 months with the radiator & core constantly overheating so I had to drive with the heat on.. used to drive it up the coast every other weekend (LA to Morro Bay) for R&R..

never gave up on me, until the tranny took a dive at a stoplight:$:)

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76 Olds Omega (looked like hell but it was MINE!)
79 Renault Le Car (total POS) Damn French!
81 Audi 4000s (great car!)
84 Chrylser convertible
86 jeep
88 Pathfinder
89 Diamante
83 280zx (had this car 10 yrs!)
94 Diamante Wagon (baby on the way!)
99 Mitsubishi 3000gt (current)
96 Dodge Dakota (current)

84 CB750
86 V65 Magna
87 FLH
88 FXR
96 Low Rider
99 Heritage Soft Tail
96 Vulcan Classic w/custom paint! (current)

"You made my panties wet!" Skymama (Fitz 09)
"Never argue with an idiot. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

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