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    Tandem Weight Limit Question

    It is possible (but not very likely) but it would be better if he lost weight. Tandems have a total weight limit of 500 LBS which includes a 55 LBS pack so the instructor would have to be under 175 LBS. I believe there are some places that will do AFF solo for heavy students, but there are not too many. Most containers are only rated for 250 LBS total weight. Kirk
  2. I did come across this problem on mine awhile back. I started accessing the function through the menu structor on the lcd screen. At this moment my button has started working again. Kirk
  3. FYI I e-mailed Icarus and explained that this had been talked about here and if they could give me a reply that I could post so here is Icarus's reply The Safire-1 and the Omega are measured differently to PD canopies. As a rough guide a Safire-1 or Omega is about the same size as the next size down - eg A Safire 149 is about a 135. A Safire 119 is about a 109. Use an equation of 8%. The Safire-2 and Omni (Omni supercedes Omega) are measured the same as PD. All other Icarus Canopies are measured the same as PD. The reason for the difference is due to Precision measuring their canopies differently. Icarus have always measured the same as PD however when we originally commenced in the USA, Precision were building parachutes for us under license and were doing it using their size equations and not Icarus/PD's. We have therefore had to wait to supercede these models to change the size equation. Only the Safire and Omega were affected. Blue skies Simon Icarus Canopies USA: 1S671 Bender Lane, West Chicago, IL 60185, USA Ph. (630) 562-2735, Fax (630) 231-4430 Europe: P.I. El Ramassar, c/ Vallés, s/n O8520, Les Franqueses, Barcelona, SPAIN. Ph. (34) 938 496 432, Fax (34) 938 497 971 www.icaruscanopies.com

    Javelin J1 help needed

    I have attached a Javelin sizing chart. Kirk

    Fwd vs. Vert Body Positions

    May not be on this website but http://www.phoenix-fly.com/articles%20stvari/performance_flying_1.pdf Kirk

    Freefly Suit

    Over the last 5 years I have bought two complete suits and 1 pair of freefly pants. The fit has always been perfect and the look incredible. I am a tandem instructor and twice I have asked Sherry for reinforced knees that match the striping on the suit, and they have been perfect. I would highly recomend one of her suits as long as you can wait as they do take time but the finished product is so worth the wait.

    ?tion for tandem instructors

    Yes, since your body hit the air first your body position would may cause more instability. However: it is the instructors job to correct for anything in the air. Sometimes it takes a few seconds or a tad longer to find the right body position to correct for a students body position. As instructors hooked to you, the only thing we can do is make our bodies biger than yours to outfly what is going on. Kirk

    Sidespin a good spin

    It would be great if you would fill out your profile. I am not sure what tandem training course you went through but I know part of the Strong tandem course is a video that goes over how side spins start and how to correct them. A side spin is created by the student dearching and the instructor arching(this creates 4 blades of a propeller) as the pair starts spinning faster the space between the instructors body and the student increases. The video is very clear that once in a side spin the best way out is to wrap your arms and legs around the student (this will eliminates the blades in the propeller. The video also suggest prior to getting your rating you put yourself in a side spin and get use to getting out. Kirk

    Using Tandem passenger to keep fall rate?

    I would never allow a video person to take grip to keep the fall rate. While a good video person should be able to match most fall rates, the tandem instructor and the video person need to work as a team so if you see the video person is struggling to stay with you, (although not a requirement but should be a secondary concern after making sure you have control of the skydive) the instructor should try and adjust the fall rate to help the video person out. To answer your question I would never jump (or never again) with an incompetent video person that felt the only way they would be able to video the skydive would be by putting me and my student indanger by taking gripps to hold the fall rate. Kirk

    the 200 rule

    The 200 rule really is only if you are going to have a wingsuit instructor train you. If you plan on just buying a suit and going by yourself birdman recomends 500 jumps. In my humble opinion, I really think you should be much closer to the 500 jump to start. What the experience brings is comfort in being in the air and dealling with the unexpected. Personally, I tell anyone interested in wingsuit flying this: It is the most fun I have ever had skydiving and I have been my most scared in the suit because when something goes wrong it can go wrong in a big way. There is nothing like your suit flying you to get your butt clinched so tight you would not be able to hammer a needle thru with a sludge hammer. Kirk

    TI : Do you control the passenger

    Get big and out fly them. Always remember your legs are your biggest weapon so use them and out fly the student. Kirk


    I try and remember what the rep told me. It is a new canopy from Icarus that has the middle 5 cells semi-crossbraced. Now what he said is the the crossbracing is more of an arch and does not go clear to the top skin but only partial of the way up. Kirk
  13. I would think a collapsed slider would be a nightmare to deal with (just think about the draw strings in the slider getting tangled up with the suspension lines). What about having a mess slider made? Kirk

    handcam instead of Camera?

    Right now in your skydiving career you need to focus on skydiving. Adding a camera anywhere on your body just adds risks that you are not ready for.

    My first rig

    I truely hope to God you are kidding otherwise you will be a DGIT. A Katana is one of the most high performance non crossbraced mains made. Kirk