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  1. It looks like a ride that used to be in Pigeon Forge (and other places). A clear plastic ball goes inside the tube and you go inside the ball.
  2. 3 tunnels within 3 hours of my house??? BRING IT ON! Would just further prove that E. TN is the place to live if you love VWTs
  3. We think you mean Joel Wade. He did work at Flyaway once upon a time, and did go to Nationals somewhere in the late 80's or early 90's and did place somewhere near the top. Last we heard, he was a pilot or some such sceario. Haven't kept up with him over the years. If you see him again, tell him John says Hi!
  4. here's some of the footage from the tunnel
  5. The kids did a really really great job interviewing with Ellen, I only wish SHE had been more interested in them.
  6. the quick answer to any marketing dilemma such as this "why aren't consumers buying my product" is either 1. They are not aware of your product or it's potential 2. They are aware and are not interested that's the simple answer the complicated answer has many layers price point - complicated because while non SV tunnels are generally cheaper per minute (Vegas Indoor Skydiving excluded) it takes more minutes to get the hang of it. Therefore initially it can be thought of as more expensive. air volume - I think this is certainly the big point. Skydivers who train in tunnels are looking for a certain volume of air more than anything I think, in order to recreate more closely the actual "freefall environment". Speed is often thought of as interchangeable, but it is not. Volume is the critical factor to simulating freefall and prop jobbies (as I affectionately call them) are not cabaple (at this time) of putting out that magical volume amount they are used to. Without the right volume, the body position, the suit, the sound, the response times & movements are all different than when you have high volume. business feel/environment - the environment at "vegas style tunnels" is often relaxed, laid back, and chock full of tourists, the staff tend to be in stark contrast to the "corporate environment" many skydivers have become accustomed to at their regular training facility. Its very organized & predictable, all good qualities when you are mass producing a product or opening a franchise where customer loyalty is top priority. location - last but certainly not least. I have never done any research on your region as far as viability so I cannot say for certain. But another layer may be revealed by simply finding out how many full time skydivers or teams are located in your area, and how many of them are currently paying for additional training, not only at tunnels but making huge amounts of training jumps, these folks already have income to spend just for your product, it's your job to provide them a suitable place to switch to. ******** I also have my personal opinion which is: Some people dream of flying, flying everything from kites as kids, to planes, parachutes & their bodies. Some folks just want to skydive, it's has it's own flavor, and it's NOT just about the bodyflight portion, clearly since that is such a small part of it. So.. people who love to fly will fly all types of tunnels, machines & anything else they can coax into defying gravity and into the big blue sky. Folks who want to skydive, or work toward becoming better skydivers, are going to stick with skydiving, and if a tunnel truly comes close to simulating that environment for them, then they will consider going and adding it to their skydiver toolbox, somewhere between creepers & dirt diving.
  7. I would love to see you guys do a retro-tribute to Flyaway... I also happen to think this color scheme is HOT HOT HOT
  8. That's a lie! You swore at people! You used an expletive, vulgarity & obscene profanity in a public forum BECAUSE you disagreed with them. You could've choosen other words, but you didn't. I'm ashamed FOR YOU of your behavior, even if your not, and now your denial of such action equates to a lie. RULE: it goes on to say regardless of where they live. BTW a dictionary: bull·shit interjection Slang: Vulgar. –noun 1. nonsense, lies, or exaggeration. –verb (used with object) 2. to lie or exaggerate to. –verb (used without object) 3. to speak lies or nonsense. –interjection and the good old encyclopedia: As it contains the word "shit", the term is sometimes considered foul language, hence the use of the euphemistic abbreviations "bull" and "BS". Nonetheless, the term is prevalent in American English and, as with many words, the term is used in a variety of countries, some dating back to approximately the same era World War I. In British English, bollocks is a comparable expletive, although bullshit is now a commonly used expletive in British English also. and on the usage of the the word bullshit: The word "bullshit" is most often applied adjectivally to deprecate a statement or an action. Bullshit (as a culturally based activity) commonly occurs in situations where truth and accuracy are far less important than the ability to achieve a suitable response in the audience, often needed in politics, religion or advertising).. In many cases, such a response helps to gain popularity or favor.
  9. and how is swearing at people who disagree with you or the use of the word "bullshit" in your context, a metaphor?
  10. I have to ask... aliens, sentient life outside of our own planet... do you believe in aliens?
  11. that's the best you could come up with? hmm... looks like we're finally wearin you down (btw wheels DO NOT roll without energy from an outside source, inanimate objects are like that, terrible comparison to the human body or mind. now if one of your "wheels" lifted itself up off the ground and started rolling without something visible to initiate the movement, then that's another story) I don't understand at all what's happened in this thread. It really started as a simple yes or no question. Clearly I sparked some curiousity and A LOT of animosity. EVEN a MOD is cussing and/or insulting people in this thread (unbelievable), along with a dozen others here. I can't figure out for the life of me why the skeptics are so protective/defensive/afraid of their feelings in regards to the topic... but MORE than that... I can't figure out why the skeptics tend to be so hateful, insulting, disgusted & completely and nearly enraged by the fact that some of us DO believe. We aren't hurting you. I find it interesting as well that hardly anyone who does believe; in this thread, didn't spend their time trying to convince others. They simply volunteered to share their experience with others, and left it to others to understand what they will. To the VERY few skeptics who are intellectual about it, and NOT know, those of you who tried talking to us, not down to us, those who cited references as opposed to insults. I thank you for your contribution to the topic, I appreciate your patience and look forward to additional learning experiences in the future.