Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk

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it was pretty decent.
especially the guy and girl wingsuit couple...

Havent seen it but was the couple Glen and heather?
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Saw it at the opening of the IMAX theater in Tallahassee in 200_............Ohhh, hell, lemme check my first little blue logbook. See, that was the week I started making arrangements to start something called AFF.

Watching the base jumping scenes with goosebumps on my arms and a maniacal giggle in my throat while my whuffette girlfriend looked at me like I had grown fangs and tail, then listening to all the science stuff about the difference between risk-takers and nons? Yep. I call that a pivotal moment in my life. We weren't together much longer after that.
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It's currently playing on the IMAX daily on odd numbered hours at the Tech museum in San Jose, CA. I have the DVD, but I'm looking forward to seeing it at the IMAX soon.
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I have it on DVD and watch it once in a while.

Adrian was a good friend of mine, oddly from his radio days before skydiving, then of course through skydiving.

Wish i'd had the chance to fly with him. [:/]

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