Poll: Best opening canopy for wing suiting

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Sabre1 is the best - quick and on-heading.

Pilot opens slow, you can unzip your armwings while it opens, and you have plenty of time to screw up the opening (i.e. get off-heading).

Spectre opens on-heading, a bit on slow side. but it flies like a rock.

Storm opens a bit too slow, but on-heading if you manage to be symmetrical under the canopy while it opens - it's very responsive to harness input compared to other canopes (in this list) of same size.

Sabre2 opening is slow and heading is unpredictable.

Pulse - can't remember the openings, I remember it sucks at flaring.

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Hey Chuck thanks for that relevant detail. That may be a really useful thing to think about when choosing my next wingsuit canopy, myself. I've got a ticket for a half price Icarus so I may be changing from my customary Sabres soon.

My vote goes to old Sabres because with the right tweaks I was able to achieve 100% reliability with it, zero line twists, ever again...

But, just recently I had my first actual mal in ages... almost certainly my own error, sloppy packing, probably didn't seat the toggles properly, and I had a double brake fire. The resulting deployment was -BRUTAL- even by my standards, fallrate at the time was probably in the high-40's low-50's, (I usually deliberately build up a bit of down speed in my old Apache Reb racing suit prior to the throw) and I was DAMN glad I wasn't going any faster at the time. That was a skull-rattling slam of an opening and if it'd been only a one-sided fire it'd almost certainly have ruined that long standing record of twistless jumps. Might have even had to chop it if the events following had gone the way I'd expect them to. But since both toggles fired at once I got a nice, on-heading opening.
Live and learn... or die, and teach by example.

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