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  1. PD is also developing a wingsuit canopy. When I asked them if they would build me a Sabre1 they told me that they're coming out with a wingsuit canopy "very soon". Couldn't find anything about it on their web though. lego
  2. Sabre1 is the best - quick and on-heading. Pilot opens slow, you can unzip your armwings while it opens, and you have plenty of time to screw up the opening (i.e. get off-heading). Spectre opens on-heading, a bit on slow side. but it flies like a rock. Storm opens a bit too slow, but on-heading if you manage to be symmetrical under the canopy while it opens - it's very responsive to harness input compared to other canopes (in this list) of same size. Sabre2 opening is slow and heading is unpredictable. Pulse - can't remember the openings, I remember it sucks at flaring. lego
  3. Thanks! Problem solved. Now I just have to wait for the replacement to arrive. lego
  4. Thanks, but I already tried that. The e-mail address there doesn't work, and according to some earlier posts in this forum neither does the phone. lego
  5. Last weekend I lost reserve PC cap of my Reflex. Getting new one from the manufacturer does not seem to be possible. Does anyone have the specs for the cap so I could ask a rigger to build me a new one? Or if anyone has a spare cap I'd be happy to buy it. -- lego lego
  6. I don't have this specific device, but I have had trouble with using some other devices that are only supported on 32-bit windows. I have used the following workaround: virtual machine. VMWare for example is a good VM software. Install a 32-bit operating system the VM and you can use the device and its 32-bit drivers in that virtual machine just fine. lego
  7. lego


    How is Ghost3 compared to Stealth? It looks a lot like Stealth - I would have thought it was stealth had there not been text "Ghost" on it. lego
  8. In the beginning my canopy also had this kind of characteristic. But when I learned to pack properly (i.e. make a symmetric pack job) this problem disappeared. When occasionally the canopy turns to either side, it's possible to counter the turn not only with riser input but also with legs. I am flying sabre 150, it works, Have tried it with sabre 135 and it works even better. And leg wing on phantom is large enough to enable you to move your legs to create significant input with legs. lego
  9. lego

    water landings

    Cutting away is bad with the old style arm wing attachment which leaves the wings attached to the arms, but with the suits with similar arm wing attachment as Ghost 2 (probably the other newer version of the PF suits as well), cutting away arm wing gives pretty much the same result as unzipping it. lego
  10. I turn the GPS device on before boarding, and tell the software in the mobile phone to start logging when the plane takes off, and then forget about it, no need to hold the device near window, but I need to be near the nose of the aircraft, so the wing or the wall is not blocking the signal. I'm jupmping from Islander usually. lego
  11. I also could not find any suitable software, and started developing my own. I am running it on S40, but I think it would run on S60 as well. Using headset for audible feedback sounds like a good idea, this could also replace (or back up) the audible altimeter. lego
  12. I am using QStarz BT-Q890 + Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. It's about the size of Pro-Track or Neptune. It can log data with frequency with 1Hz to 5 Hz. It does not have internal memory, but I think a bit more advanced version, the BT-Q1300, does. Don't know how its reception compares to that of Wintec. Better could also be > 1 hz through Bluetooth even if reception is same as WBT-201. Qstarz has Bluetooth and USB interfaces, and it's possible to get data with 5 Hz frequency through Bluetooth. And it's quite fast getting a fix if you have fresh AGPS data loaded in the device. lego
  13. Wingsuit has already been landed without a parachute: lego
  14. Cool pictures! Did any of those suits actually fly, or are these the last picutures taken of the guys that built those suits? lego
  15. lego


    it looks like you have just renamed an adobe photoshop file. try converting instead of renaming it. lego