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  1. That's good to know, thanks, although not citing a reference is hard to confirm, other than what people (myself included) "say on a forum". I've done some 1099 in the past but injury was never a concern. Accidentally bumping into someone has no malicious intent. Purposefully shoving them on the other hand... I'd be surprised if any of that would hold up. Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  2. My experience and understanding of studying law for 8 years says that you are not an agent, principal, or employee. You are nothing to the student. Because there is not an exchange of financial medium between the student and the IC, there is no ethical obligations that exist which means there is no liability. As an IC, our obligations lie with the principal (dz entity) as that is where the exchange of currency happens. Gross negligence equates to malicious intent and I can sit here and tell you I will never do anything malicious in skydiving. Making a mistake is not an example of malicious intent. That helps me sleep at night knowing I'm covered in that regard. As far as using an LLC to provide services to an organization, I suggest looking into each State and weighing it with your specific standing as far as taxes, health insurance, vehicles, living situation, etc. For example, NV has no state sales tax, which can be good when ordering large dollar amount items from your LLC account. On the flip side, NV has the highest car registration fees of any other state (they get the money somehow) and they require yearly emissions, another form of tax to use private property. Another example, MT, has the cheapest car registration fees, no emission, permanent plates, NO SALES TAX, and allows you to register "movable goods" (vehicle, plane, RV) under your LLC. Just an FYI: Whatever locality (State) you're in also has requirements (if a vehicle is in the State more than 30 days it must be registered) so that's another thing to consider (can you show it left the State every 29 days?). For owners of rv's this is often times worth it if your lifestyle fits the bill. SD and FL are also held in high regard as far as LLC freedom. I consider an LLC to be paramount for privacy reasons. Through an attorney in that state of your LLC's residency there is attorney client privilege. Since they act in the capacity of registered agents your name is withheld from public filings and any service of process goes to the registered agent (attorney, whom calls you privately). You will never be served at home or work because those addresses are private and privileged. Movable goods are registered to the LLC and also has that address on it. I pay my attorney 100$ a year to maintain my LLC. Each State has different health insurance pro's and cons as well, if that's a priority to you. Aside from emergencies, I go to another country for all my health needs to avoid the massive government overhead. I also suggest looking into a YouTube channel called "all up in yo business" hosted by a hella cute lawyer that does well to explain LLC'S in everyday you and I English. Also suggest consulting with an attorney in the LLCs state and your state of domicile, as well as a tax professional. It's best if you learn a little about it beforehand because lawyers are officers of the state in official capacity and something said "wrong" to a lawyer may force him by ethical obligations to not act in your best INDIVIDUAL interests, but those of the State he is an employee of (124 F. Supp. 257 and Loughlin vs US, Pearse vs US, Nebraska State Bar vs Jensen, VA.-Holt vs Com.) Hope all this helps and sorry if this is considered hijacking. Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  3. Was passing through and did a fun jump a couple weeks ago. The king air was 4.5 minutes to altitude. The airport is wide open with ample landing area and more to be built soon. An accuracy tuffet, a swoop pond, and a new skydive specific hangar are in the works. There is no nearby wind obstructions. The climate in Overton is not typical Las Vegas weather. Coming over the hill to Overton you leave a desert and enter a northern lake Mead utopic shelter for wild and plant life great for photography. It's not only the closest fun jumper friendly dz to LV but actually is sport jumper orientated specifically. With a lot of family in LV, and Sammys experience in the sport, I'm pretty excited to see the turn out of this dz. I suggest checking out the website and looking at the posted videos for yourself to see the quality of work and level of film and photography being put in place by Sammy, Eva (sp?), and their team. The tandem videos are superior to even the biggest dropzones professionally done commercials. Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  4. Just looking to plan my vacation dates out next year. I'm looking for any info on boogies in Mexico and Nicaragua or contact info for dz's here that host them. For 2017. I see the Costa Rica one but those dates coincide with IRL things. I did some searching but don't think it's posted or I'm not hitting the right keywords. Thanks. Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  5. Does anyone drive down there for that? Thinking of taking my motorhome. Anywhere to stay with it? Thanks. Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  6. Anyone seen a link to an "approved" travel company? I'm in. Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  7. THEY SAY THAT THE ROAD AIN'T NO PLACE TO START A FAMILY..... (Warning: Low Quality Video) Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  8. Extreme does fun jumpers and rents gear but it's expensive. Speculation that is easily avoidable is 35-45$ a jump. Mesquite is a nice place but hour and half ish away and rents gear. 182 until Oct Caravan. On another note, I spoke with Sammy at Skydive Fyrosity (30 mins NE of Vegas) last week and he is a Sun and Mon 182 op currently until the first week of Nov he gets a full time King Air and pilot but he's closed for Sept for comps (in SDC?). It's 26$ a jump to 11,500. AAD's required. Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  9. I frequent the classifieds :) looks to be a steal.... Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  10. Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  11. Mesquite is a great (skydiver) family dz and brad is cool as hell but it's not 10 mile radius though (at least of Vegas). Vegas brings every possible type of convention, gathering, event you could think of and people from every country every year! Fun jumpers would show up if there was a Perris here. It would also bring more AFF and could have the same military type contracts with NellisAFB. I heard that about the permits, too. But meh, money talks and them permits bullshit walks!! Jus need someone with enough money... Maybe I could ask trump to give up on golf and take up skydiving! Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  12. I'm wondering, at 240 exit weight, what canopy are you going to find that will support a 1.4 wing loading at recommended beginner level (80 jumps). A rig you buy now will not last as long as it would take you to be prepared to fly a 120 at 2.0 wing loading unless you do all canopy coaching. A saber 2, for example, at your jumps, is not recommended below a 230 and 240lbs is way beyond the limits of a 120. I would say size it for a 170 at best, get a used 7 cell 190 at best (your exit weight will thank you for this also) and consider yourself a long way from going above a 170 wingloading. Or size it for a 190 and your set all the way from 210-170. Or wait until you see a big boy rig and get it for cheap. Don't go straight to a 170 without posting where you jump (please). :) Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  13. For some reason Vegas really sucks for fun jumping. Skydive Las Vegas doesn't allow fun jumps. Sin City is now owned by skydive Las Vegas so doesn't allow fun jumping. They've been saying "not yet" for 3 years now. Extreme skydiving, you could say, doesn't have fun jumping. They have student gear for aff's and last time I talked to them it was 45$ a fun jump. Last time I jumped there it was 35$ and I got 9k out of a PAC on a 105* day with 3 slots empty because the pilot had no balls. Skydive mesquite is fun jumper friendly. 1 ish hour away, rental gear, caravan in winter, 182 in summer, nice area. Perris is 3.5 hours away. Much better. On a side note, I don't get what the hold up is in Vegas for a dropzone like Perris. Tons of room, facilities, lodging, airspace, extra curricular activities, marketing... And people come to Vegas with MONEY!!! Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  14. Jace Ramsey in Las Vegas. Don't know exact number but we'll over 10k tandems. Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.
  15. This immature, pointless, and attention grabbing comment only suggest that you are in fact the 5'9" ish, buzzed dark hair, 50lbs overweight, sexist, moron that couldn't find a job to save his life numb skull that has just purchased his tandem rating from who knows and is tossing drogues at a 182 drop zone in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. If not, then you're right, its a rumor at this stage because I can't provide proof. I didn't GoPro the event. Stay tuned, I'll post a picture of exactly who I'm talking about... I will probably be sticking a boot in my mouth and/or ending my career shortly but I will always stand firm when I say that there needs to be more education into people that need to leave the sport due to safety reasons.... Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.