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This brandwar thingie is soooo old, boring and lame...

I wonder how many times this was talked about between ford and chevy, or KY and astroglide. Brand wars arent going anywhere. As long as they are relatively good natured and wind up making the wingsuiting world better and safer, I say bring it on!

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Following my recent post I just received a mail explaining me that I had a few hours to privatly answer... unfortunatly, it seems that hours are running faster in some areas of the planet...

In fact Matt was asking to remove something that did not obviously targeted him... gave me an « ultimatum » to remove my post within few hours, but obviously forgot to look at his watch and immediatly posted... such a fair play...

Dear Matt

In french we say « qui se justifie s'accuse »... I do not master english language to properly traduce that....I would translate that in english as « one who tries to explain his own attitude accuses himself ». High five Matt (...and maybe...huhhhh....one higher than the others Wink)

To the community :

I did not expect such a reply but as Matt says, we both make wonderful products and, as a frenchman, I am more than open to share a while with a glass of wine

Good jumps, happy reading and « vive la liberté d'expression » I do cherish the first amendment of the US constitution the freedom of speech, please have fun follow these links www.penisfly.com ; the true one (not « in blue »Wink) www.phoenix-fly.com and of course www.adrenalinbase.com !!!

To quote Jim Morrison « This is the End, My friend » I will not reply to you dear Squirrel

Jeannoel Itzstein

Folks - please refrain from posting private messages and emails to the forums unless you have permission from the sender, especially if includes contact information that the user did not want to share. We assume that private messages and emails were sent to you as an email or private message for a reason.

Jeannoel - I removed your message above and included it again in my message without the copy-and-paste email exchange.

Stay cool! B|
Safe swoops

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***I dont wingsuit, butt fuck me, it has to be the most entertaining forum on DZ.com

Vader, with the toe extension option shown, your wish might just come true.

That would be some seriously kinky shit.

Late at night, a bonfire burns on an empty airfield. A man dressed in a colourful yet restrictive nylon dress, a dildo strapped to every appendage.
Have you seen my pants?
it"s a rough life, Livin' the dream

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