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  1. I can't wait to read that compareson
  2. no it is! Look a lil harder. Its there I saw it on their web site. Also I read somewere else that they were putting two in. But I won't be surprised when it doest happen. I'm on my phone rite now so i cans send a link. I think its flash anyways so a link wouldn't get you there proper anyways.
  3. Well Meadowlands Xanadu is supposed to be open next summer (2009) everything has been delayed so much i think this current projection is pretty for real. im just assuming that the tunnel will be complete for the opening. i am so excited. Please let it be! and what about the Manhattan one? anyone heard anything?
  4. so far ive called and talked to Laurie, the owner in NH and left a a message with some one in San Fran. New Hampshire is full up for now and i dont know about SF yet
  5. I want a Job. If you read this and have a position open for training send me a PM.
  6. i was reading the thread on "becomeing a tunnel instructor". how much can or do you make as an instructor?
  7. im a Ranch hommie. i havnt been there in a year, but its were i did all but 30 or 40 jumps. ill be there sunday the 4th for my birthday. im bringing some freinds to do their firsts so if you pop me a pm ill through you my cell and you can gime a call if your around then. like i said though, i havnt been there for a year besides stopping by a couple weeks ago so, things have changed and i dont know half the people but i can still have a jump and a beer with ya
  8. ok. Thank you asmund and freinds. my brain is filling up nicely. i am really apreciative. now im more curious to see others experience and im thinking this thread will prove usefull to others aswell. im doing my first jump in one year on the 4th nov for me birfday so anyone going to the ranch that weekend hop on the load! Thanx again guys
  9. i supose thats what im doing. im not near any so ill have to find them here. thanx for the run down. i didnt think about all the options. im a skydiver who wants to become a pilot and im curious. i will fly regardless. im also wondering if anyone out here wants to trade work for hours or anything. like packers sometimes do at the DZ to get their A. im not happy doing what im doing and i need to get in the air again and soon.
  10. im curious anually but im more interested in what they make per run. is that how most pilots get paid, i dont even know.