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  1. I'm interested to find out how many jumpers other operators load on their Cessna 206.
  2. I've recently had discussions with various people in the skydiving community about the number of jumpers permitted on a cessna 206. I spent 10 years jumping a 206 where we regularly loaded 6 jumpers + pilot and the weight and balance was within limits. From chatting to people in the UK, I understand that the maximum number of jumpers allowed here is 5. Let me know your idea's / experience. Blue skies Gordon
  3. What are you guys charging for chopper tandems? are you busy?
  4. For tandems I would definitely prefer the U206. Much easier for big or less mobile passengers. I believe the U206 is about 50Kg's lighter than the P206. This will improve turn around times.
  5. I immigrated to the UK during December last year, going back to a normal 9-5 job after 5 years of professional skydiving. I'm at the local DZ most week-ends and have been pleasantly surprised with the number of tandems I've done so far this year. What has been disappointing is the ban on hand camera. I believe hand cam has a place in tandem photography, offering a quality alternative to outside video. With 2500 tandems, 500 of which are with handcam, I believe, with the correct approach, hand camera poses minimal additional risk. I am hoping to have the current BPA ban on hand cam reviewed. I have attached a word file outlining safety issues and ways to minimize risk with hand cam. I would like to present this to the BPA as a balanced, knowledgeable account of hand cam. Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks Gordon
  6. Hi Guys Anybody traveling from the States to the UK who could bring my tandem rig over? +/- 25kg's The shipping costs are crazy, I thought I would rather pay $100 to a fellow skydiver. Thanks Gordon