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Skydive Oliver

Average Rating: 5.00
5.00 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews

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Oliver Municipal Airport (CAU3)

Hangar 4 - 5811 Airport St.
Oliver, BC, British Columbia V0H 1T0

250-408-5867  (3037 Hits)

Last Updated: 2014-06-24
C-182 Widebody

Training: , S/L, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Not Required

S/L: 199 CAD
Tandem: 279 CAD
Video: 69 CAD
Jump Ticket: 35 CAD to 10000 ft


Skydive Oliver has the most hours of sunshine of any dropzone in BC. Great facilities, fantastic views and a short walk to restaurants, fast-food and accommodations.


  • Gear Rentals
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Coaches

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Skydive Oliver has provided me with one of the BEST experiences I have ever had.

Skydive Oliver Rated 5 by: Jim_Flip on 2013-02-04

Pros: Excellent training, pleasant staff and great confidence builder
Cons: None

It was a beautiful late July morning,while at work I turned on the radio just in time to hear this fabulous Skydive Oliver commercial. Well I am a mid 50s ordinary kind of guy(ride motorcycles,water ski,hike,golf,you get tha idea)who just had to check this out. Jumped on my bike that weekend to look the operation over,once at the airport found the hanger and more importantly Andy. I had 20 questions Andy had 20 answers,So on that 1st meeting I decided to try something cool.(it pinned the meter)

I found the training clear and comfortable. By the end I was confident I could do this!! Lets face it,have fun while being safe so we can have fun tomorrow, right. Andy and his team put all the students at ease all through the process(in my case 5 of us) Well it was time to fly,I could not wait ! I was the last student out,so I got to see my in flight instructor jump out right after me(very cool) Hanging off the strut was a high light for me. I loved it so much I had to go again as soon as Andy and his team could get that chute repacked. I really enjoyed watching them repack my chute,I was very confident all was well,Andy and his team are very professional.

My 2nd jump was more exciting than the 1st ,it just kept getting better !! I had a great 2nd landing and really enjoyed the flight time under canopy about 5 minutes. Skydive Oliver has provided me with one of the BEST experiences I have ever had. My thanks goes out to Andy and his team, you may have noticed there is nothing negative in this review that`s because there was NONE !!!!!

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Visited from Vancouver Island, BC.

Skydive Oliver Rated 5 by: bob_verret on 2013-01-18

Pros: excellent weather, DZ in center of town, all the amenities are there.
Cons: none

The dropzone was very easy to locate, The staff was super friendly and professional. The flight up to altitude offered and amazing view. Beautiful weather unlimited blue skies fast climbing aircraft and the landing area is close to the packing area. Good shopping and great night life. Skydive Oliver is highly recommended.
(Review ID:7779)

A fantastic place for a skydiving experience.

Skydive Oliver Rated 5 by: Okie on 2013-01-11

Pros: Very professional and incredible location.
Cons: None

I am from Ontario and was on the road for work. Driving into Osoyoos I saw a sign that said "Go skydiving". I replied "OK" and decided to try skydiving for the first time.

I didn't remember the number on the sign, so when I got to town I Googled it and found Skydive Oliver. The booking process was pleasant on the phone, and when asked how I heard about them I was able to reply with signs AND Google :-)

I headed to the airport later that afternoon for a tandem jump. Everyone there was extremely friendly and helpful in filling out of paperwork. The tandem jump included a short instructional lesson before the jump which was clear and easy to remember (a big plus when your feet are dangling out of a plane later :-P)

I was really impressed with the flight up to jumping altitude. A bonus that I hadn't thought about was on the flight up I was treated to some of the most marvelous views of the Okanagan valley. The sights alone made the trip worth it, but then we jumped out of the plane.

The jump was marvelous. I was completely confident in my instructor and the jump was perfect. On the ground was a photographer snapping pics of the landing, and I was emailed a video of the jump in just a few hours.

I was thrilled with everything about my experience, and when I am back in the area this summer I hope to return to take the solo jump course.

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