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  1. Chami was the best jump pilot in all of NZ! The Good Vibe Boogies will not ever be the same. I hope his family find comfort as time goes on... He was newly married and had over 10 years of experience flying all sorts of jump planes... Pleasure to know him! Lots of blues to you Chami and hugs to all who feel this terrible loss at SKydive New Zealand and Skydive Abel Tasman! Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  2. Hugs go out to all involved in the Fox Glacier crash... Adam was an awesome instructor, freeflyer, organizer, baser, and just an all around genuine dude. You will be missed! Lots of blues to you and comfort to your family in OZ and friends and DZ family in NZ. Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  3. Lots of blues Rod.. You were an amazing man! Always had a smile, a kind word, a joke to make others smile. You also ran one of the best dropzones in NZ! My pleasure to fly and photograph you =) My prayers and smiles go out to your family and friends stuggling with your passing. Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  4. Thanks for the ride fellas :-) Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  5. Happy Friday Eve!! Grimmie, are there any options for those of us that will not be able to devote the full 9 days there in Belize? Ideally, I would like to come in for a long weekend Wed-Sunday. Let us know... as I think that may be others hang up too on coming down. Thanks! Smile lots, Miss Ann Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  6. Happy Hump Day!! I'll be there flying in with ~6 other boogie brats :-) Cannot wait! Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  7. ::Right from the horses mouth:: "Good Vibes '09 With only 2 weeks to go it is time to start making those plans for the usual Good Vibes madness. This year we have the Pac 750 Cresco XL, the Fletcher, Microlights and of course the EC130 helicopter. We have all matter of coaches coming this year and a heap of Aussies heading this way... But don't let that put you off! ;) - Please Note that A.A.Ds are mandatory in NZ. - Also this year we will be able to have more novelty jumps so anyone keen to organise one please let me know in advance so we can get preparations underway. Sarah Skinner is already planning a girly lingerie jump for her 1000th and we will be raffling off positions for the boys with all proceeds going to Jump Start charity. Wayne Stronach is hoping to run a 4 way scrambles competition and Nathan Scotford is planning Freefly scrambles also. We will need volunteers for the following jumps: BNZ Piggies, Spaceships & Summit lager. We will set up a swoop course and accuracy course also. There will be; Big Ways (up to 24), RW, POPs, VRW, Atmo, Tracking, Hybrids, Wingsuit, Swoop & Chug, Beach Jumps, Scrambles, Speedstar Comp, Accuracy & Swoop Comp, Novelty Jumps, Coaching & Load Organising, BBQ’s, Raffles, Finale Party. Coaches so far are: Kevin Mccarthy, Adam Bennet, Anthony Oakley, Stuart Bean, Fiona Mclaren: RW, 4-way, 8-way & Big ways Beedo: Canopy Skills Adam Bennet, Beedo & Frick: Freefly HU, HD, Tomas Zahradka (BMI) & Jon: Tracking & Wingsuit." I have jumped and have seen all of those folks fly... they are awesome! You're going to have a kickass time for sure! Befriend Lisa and Fi right out of the gate and they'll take good care of you. Also take a jump from the microlights too... totally different experience and worth the cash! Have a blast and PM me if you want to see photos from last years madness :-) Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  8. Lead, incorrect. Team One started using this 'Good Vibes' talk AFTER Skydive Abel Tasman had already ran the boogie for 2 years before. Skydive Abel Tasman put on an amazing VIBE, boogie, in an unforgettable local... Went last year and it ROCKED! Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  9. Happy Monday!! I'm another token 'boogie brat' and would agree with Lead- the PR Invasion hands down is my favorite boogie. Second, would be Chicks Rock at Lake Elisnore (fly into San Diego) which is coming up October 1-4th. Third, would the Good Vibes Boogie (not the Team One though) in Motueka, New Zealand. ....amazing time, fast planes, 10 days in the South Island, and lots of speciality jumps! Good luck! Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  10. Dude, I'm not joking or think it'll be a dance in the park. I actually boxed in the mini flyweight division semi-pro until last fall... I think I want a piece of The Ranch Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  11. Yo Lead, is there still room on the 'fight night' card?? ....still debating!! Although the fact that Lead, Laci, and boxing will be there is alone a reason to come Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  12. Welcome back to a great week!! Curious if anyone has details on what is going on at The Ranch on July 4th weekend?? Heard something big was brewing... Their website is having some issues and not pulling up the 'current events' tab. Love details if you have them! Thanks! Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  13. Good News Folks!! You have something AWESOME to do for the July 4th weekend- woohoo for you!! Skydive the Farm is in the midst of planning it's annual kickass '4th of July Boogie' ...where jumps to altitude are only going to cost you $19.76!! Where: Skydive the Farm (Rockmart, GA) When: Come out ALL DAY on Friday, July 3rd thru Sunday, July 5th and come to STF to feel the VIBE everyone has been talking about! How much: $19.76 Boogie Fee + $19.76 jumps all weekend. Jumping from: Super Otter to 14k The Boogie Fee Includes: (1) Tee Shirt to first 100 people; Free Dinner/Keg at the DZ for Saturday nights party. Highlights: -Jumps to 14k will only be $19.76 each. -Organizing with Team ONE. -Party Saturday Night. More details to follow... but in the meantime mark your calendars to be at STF for Friday, July 3rd thru Sunday, July 5th!!! Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  14. Happy Rehab Day All!! I am thrilled to have met, hugged, saw, jumped, and smiled at most of you guys and even more excited to know our planning for this epic event was well received by all of you. Thanks for making the trek out despite the unruly weather... we sure did make the best of it! Here are my photos if you weren't there, want to relive it, or if you're curious.... http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=120627&id=538445048&l=bf14d6a81a Mark your calenders for next years 6th Annual Team One Good Vibes Boogie... May 12-16th 2010!! Woohoo!!! Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com
  15. Yo! I am heading out to the airport right now... woohooo!!! We'll be putting together the awesome boogie bags and jello shots (for my BBQ Wed night) tonight for you first 100 that show tomorrow :-) The weather looks great and I cannot wait to see all of you tonight/tomorrow to jump and party our ass off!! ...bring on the next 5 days of some unforgettable stuff! Smile! http://www.399FirstDates.com