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  1. billstap

    jump prices

    23 at the ranch bitches heheheheheeee
  2. billstap

    Summerfest! July 26 - August 3

    i would rather talk about dogs then jenga, cant wait to put faces behind these screen names
  3. look out for mama, she has eyes in the back of her computer nice write up mama
  4. going along with taylor, i bought my rig without a main and just demo-ed canopies from the manufacturer, they give 2 weekends for 30 dollars, so call PD demo each one of their canopies, then aerodyne, then icarus, etc. and depending on how much you jump by the time you are done you will know what canopy you like and be able to go down to a smaller one without having to have bought and sold one (ie if you are looking for a 230, demo 230's put about 50 - 100 jumps on the demos then buy a 210) this is what i did, although i only put about 25 on the 230 blue skies!!!!
  5. taxes and fees that do not have anything to do with the postal service... thats what i thought too, then customs wouldnt let it through until i payed a whole slue of taxes, totaling $250 from the original $120, maybe i just got screwed, but i would stay away, and if you do buy from across the atlantic make sure the product is american, because if your rigger cant fix it or you cant find another rigger to fix it, then you have to soak up another mailing fee 2-WAYS!!!! didnt experience this only heard about it, but.... makes you think blue skies!!! if you know someone in europe have them pick it up for you and bring it to america for you, more hassle but way cheaper
  6. wait a minute i think i got it --- lets build a thirteen thousand foot staircase!!!!! i know it didnt work in the bible but hey you never know
  7. wait i dont know about you but didnt your mom tell you to not stare at the microwave or you will get cancer, now they want to transmit them waves all over the earth, sketchy
  8. i agree with taylor, i too have purchased a canopy, jump suit and sold a canopy on here... before you buy you want to see what you are buying so do an exchange through your riggers, he sends his stuff to yours and you send your money to his, when you decide you like the gear then you let his rigger know he can release the money to them... as far as 1500 goes, i too tried to stay in that realm, but was not happy with my options...i ended up spending a total of 3500 on my rig when i put all the parts together...300 of that was to resize the harness which i would suggest to anyone to do --- MLW, leg straps and new spacer foam (if your rig has it). that 300 was the best investment i made on it... i actually bought my rig, cypress and reserve off of sunpath-- it was one of there demo rigs so it had all the fixings on it, came from the manufacturer and i was highly pleased...if you go events and places to jump and look under the skyfest page PM the guy whose screen name is "up and down shop" --- his name is J Schrimsher (not sure about spelling) that is who i bought my rig from, great guy, he doesnt work at sunpath anymore but he does have his own shop now, so give him a shout and you never know good luck to ya, and if your talking to someone over seas, to buy from -- shipping sucks, for a 5 lbs canopy --- $200 blue skies!!! billy any questions just PM me
  9. i would like to briefly describe to you my first terminal jump, as i too did S/L progression... i would say it was a cross between the butterfly, backstroke and breastroke all in one "fluid" movement it was special.....or was I.....i was wearing a helmet....i was wearing a rig that kind of resembled a straight jacket.....yes yes i was def special woo hooo
  10. ok i am going to go back to school, get a mechanical/electrical engineering degree, buy a hangar/airport and build/design a new hybrid airplane anyone got a few hundred million dollars they can spare me!?
  11. billstap

    Summerfest! July 26 - August 3

    hes a "" dog in my book then
  12. billstap

    Summerfest! July 26 - August 3

    does he fetch?
  13. billstap

    Summerfest! July 26 - August 3

    are you the big guy walking the little dog just playing cant wait to see for myself --- if there is ponds that are not swoop ponds then she will find them and be in them, shes a lab --- its in her blood
  14. billstap

    Summerfest! July 26 - August 3

    thanks, hey do you know is the pond dog friendly when there are no canopies in the air
  15. billstap

    Summerfest! July 26 - August 3

    thanx for the info, dog thing is def a big concern for me, i mean cat thing (those that understand that .... for those that dont maybe someday you will) so what can i expect out of this boogie