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  1. hey i might be down for a trip out to CO in august, let me know the dates your heading back, maybe we can split gas tolls and hit up every DZ for atleast one jump and a shitload of beers....
  2. billstap

    Summerfest! July 26 - August 3

    sweet i think i just figured out how i am spending my 4 g's wooo hoooo!!!!!
  3. billstap

    Blue Sky Ranch

    I am still a newbie to the sport, I only have 160 jumps, but have been fortunate enough to have visited a number of DZ's already. In comparing the DZ's the only thing that any of the other DZ's have on the ranch is you can live on them, hopefully someday we can get the local townies to back off and let us be, but we will have to wait and see. The ranch is an amazing DZ though, the planes are well, some of the best in the industry and we have three of them. on Saturday of memorial day weekend '08 I saw three otters turn 54 loads in one day. I was simply in awe. the parties afterwards were incredible, roaming from one fire to the next, being fed, and boozed, and great conversation lead to some wonderful nights Landing is great too, you do not have to worry about being cut off at the ranch, we pick a landing pattern (towards the pond or mountain) which keeps traffic moving the same way. you can choose to land your own way if you would like, you just have to land in a different section, and take a longer walk, but hey at least there's the option. the experience levels of the people there is great as well, and everyone is willing to give you some insight. I remember one time on a busy day, one of the tandem masters getting up from a pack job just to help me better understand something about canopy control. Have learned a lot at this DZ and will be very sad if the day comes that I have to move away, and only visit once in a while. and if I have to go to another DZ, I will always be a rancher at heart! blue skies!!! SHAWANGA Billy Stapleton B-30169
  4. billstap

    Skydive New England

    I visited in the summer of '07 and it was def the best time i have had at any DZ yet, I have low jump numbers but have been lucky enough to check out a variety of DZ's and this one tops them all off, the staff the people the dogs are all great and the partying even better, esp when naked and drunk (woops!!!!) blue skies!!!
  5. billstap

    Javelin Odyssey

    I just bought my first rig, although it is the fourth brand I have jumped. After jumping those other three rigs i figured that being uncomfortable underneath canopy, in the plane and just plain wearing them was a norm. Well now with my jav ody I feel that no more, it fits so well, nice and snug into the small of my back. I worked with J at sunpath and he was more then helpful, especially in dealing with my pain in the ass. I would suggest this rig to anyone, and as more and more information comes out about the skyhook I am glad I bought a rig that it is skyhook ready. I have only had a few jumps on it so i will update this as my season begins and I have had more jumps on it, but I am sure the only comments that will come in from me will be positive!