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  1. I too am a Ranch hand and while I am more than happy jumping other places as well, the Ranch will always be home. That being said, I was unaware of any of this until recently. And when I was told that z-hills was an unfriendly place for we proud Ranch folk, the first thing out of my mouth was, 'What the hell does this have to do with any of us?'. Personally, I find the fact that so many 'uninvolved' skydivers are taking aggressive sides here completely contrary to what I've always thought this sport to be about. It is a virtual certainty that within any group of skydivers, each will have very different opinions on any given subject (some actually have two or more themselves to entertain the multiple personalities bouncing around in their heads). But at the end of the day, acceptance is given. Regardless if they continue to disagree for the next several decades. As far as I'm concerned, all parties involved should shut their mouths and handle this amongst themselves. I for one won't waste my time on this thread again.
  2. Everything I'd heard about this place is true and understated. Meeting up with Melanie, Steak, Jonathon, Frankie, Chris and the rest will make anyone feel right at home. The facilities are superb along with a very well maintained gear shop. Rental gear is both affordable and well taken care of. Even someone with a very limited number of jumps should have no problem finding someone of amazing talents to fly with. ...and of course, there's Angie's place!!
  3. Admittedly my recommendation will come as very little use to anyone who has jumped more than twice...simply because that is the extent of my experience. However, what I will say is that I was so absolutely enthralled by the idea that after my first jump, I was first in line for the next available seat!! The ladies and germs out there are the ones responsible for this new and amazing passion of mine. I am going back at the earliest possible probably tomorrow!! First timers and pros alike that I spoke with that day and into the night and wee hours of the morning all agree that this is one of the premiere dz's in the entire country. Don't take it from I said, what do I know. Check it out for yourself and see what the noise is about. You won't regret it!!