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Dropzone: Europe: Russia: Aeroclassica (DZ Skydive Vatulino)

Aeroclassica (DZ Skydive Vatulino)

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Lat: 55.6624039185331
Lng: 36.14294238706


+7 985 997-93-19 (fax)  (6283 Hits)

Last Updated: 2017-02-27
Antonov-2, Antonov-28, Turbolet 410

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 2150 EUR
Tandem: 100 EUR
Video: 50 EUR
Jump Ticket: 15 EUR to 13000 ft


Skydiving and Aviation Sports Club "Aeroclassica" is based on an airfield next to Vatulino village 100 km from Moscow. We are a non-profit organization, dedicated to making parachuting and skydiving safe and fun for everyone interested in.
We provide first-time-jump courses, tandem skydives and, of course, jumps for regular skydivers.
We open all year round on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. In Summer we work also during the weekdays. Any changes in the schedule will be announced on our website.
More information about documents, prices and jumps you can find here or
First Jump Course 150 euro;
AFF level 0 300 euro;
AFF level 1 300 euro;
AFF level 2 300 euro;
AFF level 3 300 euro;
AFF level 4 200 euro;
AFF level 5 200 euro;
AFF level 6 200 euro;
AFF level 7 200 euro;
Coach jumps 100 euro.
Gear rental included.

Tandem 100 EUR
Tandem Video 50 EUR


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  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
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  • Camping
  • Showers

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5 Reviews Written

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nice place to feel old style DOSAAF

Aeroclassica (DZ Skydive Vatulino) Rated 5 by: 100 on 2012-06-08

Pros: small friendly dz, individual approach
Cons: hard to get to by car in rainy spring and autumn (ground road)

Nice place to feel old style DOSAAF: aircraft - An-2, first-time skydive program.
(Review ID:7293)

small friendly dz

Aeroclassica (DZ Skydive Vatulino) Rated 5 by: tsera on 2012-05-11

Pros: Friendly, professional, altitude 1200-3000 m with 200 m step
Cons: lack of modern conveniences

It's a small DZ but there are very friendly and high professional instructors in most skydiving disciplines (CP, FF, FW, accuracy, wingsuit etc.).

(Review ID:7172)

very friendly "home" dz

Aeroclassica (DZ Skydive Vatulino) Rated 5 by: d.efremova on 2012-05-10

Pros: 1200m flight for canopy piloting
Cons: Only 2500m for FF and RW jumps

For a little period of time you become a part of the family where you can learn a lot of new things in skydiving.

This is the best drop zone for canopy piloting because it has 1200m hight flights, what is really suitable for CP.

(Review ID:7170)

very friendly DZ

Aeroclassica (DZ Skydive Vatulino) Rated 5 by: archaic on 2012-05-10

Pros: Very friendly DZ
Cons: None

Very friendly DZ
(Review ID:7166)

Nice friendly DZ :)

Aeroclassica (DZ Skydive Vatulino) Rated 5 by: IraSky on 2012-05-10

Pros: Friendly, professional
Cons: Only 3000 meters max altitude, wooden toilet

I like this small DZ for it's people, nature and unique atmosphere. :) It's the only non government skydiving club in Russia. Probably, that's why it's so small and free.

We jump rather active - about 15-20 loads when the weather is good. I do 5-8 jumps a day.
The most interesting thing is cheap tickets for low altitude. It's useful for canopy piloting and accuracy. :) But, anyway, I do FF without any inconvenience.

Vatulino is a nice place for skydivers!

(Review ID:7165)