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Dropzone: North America: United States: Oregon: Skydive Eagle Creek

Skydive Eagle Creek

Average Rating: 4.27
4.27 out of 5 based on 11 user reviews

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beaver oaks airport
Lat: 45.319468
Lng: -122.361955

29388 se heiple rd
Eagle Creek,Oregon, Oregon 97022
United States

1800200jump  (9344 Hits)

Last Updated: 2017-05-04

Training: , S/L, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Required



This is a D/Z for all your parachute needs!the owner Ralph is Old school and very nice to deal with!has a nice area to camp and the nicest pee-pit in oregon and probably has in stock any new or used gear you could think of!GREAT PLACE


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Coaches
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Camping
  • Pool

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trashy and militant

Skydive Eagle Creek Rated 1 by: Ynova1891 on 2018-10-01

Pros: price
Cons: everything else

Highly unprofessional. Place looks like a junk yard with angry and offensive political propaganda everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. Including the shirts on the highly vulgar (he told one guy to suck his &@#* for pay and me that I could get rocks in my &*!@^$# for landing wrong!), militant, bully who owns the place., Ralph. We were treated like soldiers to be broken down and built back up through in your face aggression and humiliation. He flat out denied one of the group the rerun of emergency procedures, shoved him out the plane with no guide on his first experience and nearly caused serious injury to my husband due to the lack of working batteries in his radio as he was nearing the ground without the assistance of the guide on the ground screaming obscenities at him. He is still currently treating his back for the fall. We were given the wrong information on what we were buying, given the wrong address, told the class would take 6 hours when it was over 8 due to the non-stop breaks he took, treated like we were stupid for not automatically knowing how to sky dive or understand his self righteous and convoluted instructions, and pushed out an airplane with faulty equipment with absolutely no apologies or accountability on their part. It's my strong belief this establishment should be reported to the authorities for the horrendous conditions of their grounds and complete unprofessional behavior for a sport that could possibly kill someone.

(Review ID:9557)

Worst experience ever

Skydive Eagle Creek Rated 1 by: andreaamara on 2014-07-18

Pros: Location
Cons: Unprofessional, rude, misleading sales tactics

Skydive uses a booking service in Georgia to book their Skydive trips. The booking service completely misled me for what I was booking for a friend who is dying of cancer, and wanted to skydive before it was too late. They told me we scheduled a Skydive trip for 2 people 15 minutes from where we were staying, when it was actually 70 miles. I called the Skydive company directly hours prior to our jump, who told me they would cancel it and I can work with the booking company to get our refund. The booking company has been nothing but horrible to deal with. I have been belittled, insulted, and given the most HORRIBLE customer experience service of my life. After first being told I was lying about them giving me the wrong distance, they eventually admitted their mistake, but would not refund our money. I ended up speaking with the owner of Skydive about my experience and my request for a refund, who told me very professionally but matter-of-factly that my problem with the booking company he uses is MY problem not his. I feel like this company has taken advantage of a dying 26 year old girl who was lied to, and refused a refund. They did offer to honor it for a future jump, however she probably will never get to see that. I think when the booking company will not take responsibility for their misleading sales tactics, the owner of the company should have. He told me he did not even care to look into my experience, even given our situation. Ralph Hatley is the owner of Skydive, as he told me on the telephone. The booking company has recorded conversations of my experience and I requested him to review them so he can hear how they treat his clients. He made it very clear he was not interested in "my customer service" issue.
(Review ID:8585)

Canít find better anywhere!

Skydive Eagle Creek Rated 5 by: lee07abn on 2012-05-22

Pros: All
Cons: Not really

Skydive eagle Creek is a great place! The owner (Ralph) is the nicest guy around. Heís an old SF guy from way back and very military friendly, but heís also willing to help out anyone coming into the sport. Heís been doing this longer than just about anyone and KNOWS his stuff. The place is fun, with a professional relaxed atmosphere. My wife and I had the best time. Ralph really makes you feel like you are at home. Itís like being with family.
(Review ID:7221)

The Best

Skydive Eagle Creek Rated 5 by: gwyndolyn0777 on 2011-06-26

Pros: Great people Perfect Location
Cons: the drive :(

I surprised my husband Terry for father's Day! It was absolutely incredible! Terry went tandem with Scott he says he's the BEST instructor. I went with Steve He was freaking wonderful. Josh took our video and he was a funny guy, very professional. Ralph is a great guy and everyone is so funny! They all make you feel so comfortable even though you're scared out of your wits!! It was the best experience ever and we will do the drive again! Thanks ya all for everything!
(Review ID:6526)

Great place for all skydivers

Skydive Eagle Creek Rated 5 by: smallquist28 on 2008-09-29

Pros: Operation, facilities, rigging, sales, rentals, camping, scenery, landing area, people
Cons: None

Skydive Eagle Creek is a great place for all skydivers. Ralph(owner) is extremely knowledgable and always makes your stay extremely enjoyable. There is everything you can think of at this dropzone. The atmosphere is really laid back. Ralph is also one of the worlds biggest parachute equipment distributors. Definitely a place you have to come check out for yourself
(Review ID:4804)

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