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  1. Quase, the reason I did not respond to your first email request was that you used a different email address than the one used to set up your account and you used a different last name as well. Also, you were asking for information that was included in your order history available by logging in to your account as well as an email sent to you automatically. When you asked for the password to your account, we did not respond because (a) we had no assurance that you were in fact the customer and (b) we don't have access to customers' passwords. Since you used PayPal to make your purchase, we also had no phone number associated with the original account and could not verify the number you left on our answering machine. Basically, we were protecting your privacy by leaving the information requested in the account history, which triggered an email to the email address used to set up the account. BTW, we did respond to your second email, which came from the original email used to set up your account and in which you used the same name used to set up your account. As of the 12th, emails sent to your original email address have been bouncing. Switching names and email addresses and bouncing emails (coupled with an apparent inability to log in to your own account) makes a merchant nervous.....
  2. BadDog


    Shipped to an address on Hickswood Creek Drive in High Point, NC. Credit card used was stolen. False name and phone number used. Helmet was reshipped by the receiver in NC to an address in Russia.
  3. Are you sure they are the cheapest?
  4. BadDog


    Glow face.
  6. Serg, I think we posted at the same time. I don't remember seeing your post when I did mine. For those of you who don't know, Serg pays via wire transfer and is legit!!
  7. Some of them may be legitimate, but it can be pretty hard to tell. I deal with a guy in Australia who buys used gear from me on a pretty regular basis, and he uses wire transfers. In fact I recently sold him a Safire. I also use American Goodies to complete some of my overseas sales of used (and new) gear.
  8. PhreeZone is correct. The "links" you saw were just Google ads (which we have dropped by the way). Skyride is in no way affiliated with Skydive Columbus Ohio (a point that we had specifically made in the web site but that was apparently overlooked) and Skyride has no ownership interest in our DZ. Although we took their certificates last year in order to get our DZ off the ground, we will not be taking them this year. We will also be a USPA Group Member this year (now that Sallie is old enough to keep us in compliance with the BSRs).
  9. I think it will really drive down the prices of used Pro-Dytters.
  10. L&B’s webpage states products will be available in 4/5 months. BadDog already put these up on their site with costing. “***Feel free to contact us if you would like to verify that we have this item in stock or to request additional information before you place your order. If this item is not in stock, it will be backordered.” (I think I still want a Pro-track.) Don't overlook the "small" print (it's actually the same size, but red) at the bottom of the pages where these new goodies are listed: "This product is not available yet. Contact us for more information." As someone already mentioned, L&B is anticipating 4 to 6 months of field testing before releasing these on the market.
  11. I have a Wings with the quilted backpad and an Infinity without one, and I don't really notice a huge difference in how they feel (but the quilted backpad looks cooler).
  12. You will probably get a range of estimates here, and at least some of the value depends on fit and colors, but here are some rough numbers. For the container, $800 to $1100. For the main, $950 to $1000. For the reserve, $600. And for the Cypres, about $700. That puts the rig at $3050 to $3400. Like I said, just rough numbers without the benefit of an actual inspection or dates of manufacture (or exact dates for the four-year and batteries on the Cypres). Hope that helps.
  13. It sounds like you're leaning towards an Altimaster II or a Galaxy (Altimaster III) rather than a Digitude, a Robnik Sapphire, an FT-50, or a Neptune, for example. If you are looking at used gear, I would stay away from the Altimaster V, but any II or III (or Galaxy) would be a good candidate. The differences are pretty obvious (size, weight, shape, color). Are you sure you want a wrist mount and not a hand mount?
  14. See
  15. I used to psycho-pack my Triathlon and got sweet openings every time.