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  1. Alright -- I outlined the process for this jumper (not sure if it's a newbie or not!?). So other than the email nothing is in formal writing, but I will surely contact the rigger/DZO before shipping anything. Thanks for all the help... will let you know if Buyer is okay with this. see the world!
  2. Okay cool -- is there a fee for said service? Also, should I contact the DZO *or* a rigger at the DZ beforehand to give them a heads up/ask if they're okay being the middle man? Or is this standard? THANK YOU BOTH! see the world!
  3. Hello, thanks to this wonderful website I have someone interested in purchasing the system (buyer & I both have PayPal). What is the general process, as I'm sure both he & I want to feel protected? Here are a few specific Qs: #1 I'll insure when shipping, but I was thinking of having Buyer pay for it, then IF he/she wants it, subtracting from final price? What protection do I have- a deposit? #2 Do people draw up contracts? Just a generic bill of sale? #3 What if Buyer doesnt like/thinks it doesn't fit well? #4 I assume I'd be sending to Buyer or his/her rigger. What if he/she doesn't have a rigger? I do not feel comfortable sending it to a DZ. #5 Anything I should do before shipping? THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR ADVICE! Never sold my gear before see the world!
  4. MSF~ Thanks! Sorry for my delay, but that was very helpful & insightful. Any awful side effects to the Isagenix that you're aware of? Just don't want to go on the Kim Kardashian diet pills haha. Wonderful starting point though -- thanks again! see the world!
  5. John, you're probably right but I've put ~300 sit jumps in them so I bet if I switched to tights I'd be awful haha. The capris seem to be having a more adverse effect on my learning headdown. see the world!
  6. Hi, i realize this is very delayed, but Cliff was buried... Not cremated. So no ash dive but that was sweet of you to inquire. He was an organ donor and gave others another chance at life... Just like a Cypres... And just to clarify another, previous post Cliff had two sons: Nathan (~30) & Adam (26). This is a very touching thread and I'd like to print everything one day to give to the boys. see the world!
  7. Thanks man! My outfit now is NOT skin tight, in fact its quite the opposite: baggy long sleeve and capris (so they catch some wind at the calf). But perhaps next season I'll try jumping clothes that are tighter/slicker and see how/if that helps! see the world!
  8. I've not heard much about the paleo trend, but why is dairy a negative thing out of curiosity? I appreciate your advice but i barely get any dairy except for Greek yogurt... A big barrier to the dietary change has been that i live in small town Ohio. Not many farmers markets, no jungle jims, no fresh seafood. we're all corn feed here lol. Hmmm so many view points ) much appreciated, again) but I'm still seeking more info re: cutting a meal and supplementing. Thanks everyone. Keep the debate going
  9. Yes, I read about taking it before bed... what is the benefit to that?! Sorry to be so dense. see the world!
  10. Glad you are getting what YOU want & not letting anyone else deter you from the design you have your heart set on. That being said, your profile says you only have 55 jumps. I know for me, once I acquired more jumps in freeflying (my discipline of choice) -- like 100 --then I had a better idea of how I was falling in relation to others & what suit would be ideal for me. Just a thought that you might want to wait. Also, in waiting, I learned I could make up for being so light/small by flying my body differently too. I'd just hate for you to spend all the money initially then realize you need a quicker/slower material because your skills have improved. see the world!
  11. Tink- very informative! Thanks! The reason the Casein was a gift was because I recently went pescatarian & living in Ohio = not a lot of safe seafood options. As mentioned, I just started adding the Hills program on the elliptical, but will try changing something in my lifting routine too. I know what you mean though about homeostasis... the last 10 pounds are the hardest to drop! Thanks again! see the world!
  12. Grue- thanks, that was helpful. Will definitely check out the website. So you use it as a meal? Yes, I read that it is slow-acting so not meant to be taken for a quick boost like immediately before/after a workout. Obviously my formula will be different than yours, but do most people use it as a meal supplement? THANKS! see the world!
  13. Quade- I'm sure I could make changes diet-wise so that's why I'm looking to use this Casein.... IF it's what I need to get the job done. Body by Vi isn't a pill, it's one of those supplemental shakes, so I'm not sure how it compares to the Casein I have or any other product out there. Definitely against taking any pill nor am I looking to a pill to tone my muscle. see the world!
  14. Yes yes, I have thought about that but thank you both for bringing it to my attention. I think I knew I needed weight but needed some affirmation so thanks see the world!
  15. Hello all. For my 30th birthday I wanted to see how far I could push myself.... so I need your nutrition/diet advice & feedback. I'm 5'1" tall and work out 3x a week (tricep, bicep, situps & nothing more) along with 25+ minutes of cardio/legs on the elliptical. Recently, I started supplementing with a Hills program every other week on the elliptical that kicks my butt. I have Gold Standard 100% Casein (slow-acting protein; aminogen enhanced) that was a gift. How should I use this? I want to drop a few pounds & (mainly) look more cut, but might consider something like Body by Visalus. #1 Anyone have experience with the Casein I already own? Would I supplement meals for it?! #2 Anyone have a great experience with Body by Vi or something similar he/she could recommend? Not trying to starve myself here. THANKS VERY MUCH! see the world!