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  1. If I can come up with some extra cash I will be there for this one! I missed the last Tecumseh event I really do not want to miss this one.
  2. Wow! I am uterlly amazed that I am only 25.83826% - Total Geek. I thought for sure I was going to end up way higher. Hmmm
  3. You say this When you find that you have dug yourself a hole, stand there for a second and stop digging. The "scrubbing dishes" part was bad enough, but the "after getting MY beer confiscated" part... At this point, I can't even recommend a course of redemption. but missed this There is some serious infractions going on in that home! Forget confiscating his guy card! Revoke his Guy Card and get him a box of TAMPAX! Or check between his legs for a string Bwahahahahahaaaaa!
  4. So that leads me to wonder...if I become a packer, could I get VSG to "use" me? Sure, I'd "use" you...if you were cheap and quick.
  5. I took Linear Algebra that way. Made it pretty tough to relocate the concepts from short term memory to long term memory. I remember less of what I learned in that class than I do any other class I have taken.
  6. Really sorry I had to miss it but give me plenty of notice for the next one so I do not make plans. Thought about you guys all weekend. Glad it was fun. Hopefully I will see ya'll real soon.
  7. Hmm let's see, JLC neither confirms or denies being intergendered, something she should not have to confirm nor deny. By being intergendered, if she is, she has committed no crime. It is personal and part of her right to privacy. Because you would vehemently deny it does not mean she has to in order to prove to you she isn't. Maybe she is thinking, I am not going to even dignify this with an answer. OJ on the other hand, may have committed a crime. That is not covered under anyones right to privacy. That is something he has to answer for and therefore the "rules" as you put it do not apply. I cannot believe that you actually equate these two concepts. But we will have to agree to disagree.
  8. Yep That is about the only funny part of the whole movie.
  9. Guess that makes every thing right. What was I thinking? Flame away. I, on the other hand, would want to know if I was repeating information as fact that had no basis of proof. Maybe that's just me. It has nothing to do with defending JLC but more to do with a trend I see of people repeating everything they hear without ever finding out if it has any truth to it. Oh and on the OJ comment, there was an entire trial that was on TV for what seemed like forever in which a billion people saw much of the evidence of the case, and people think OJ got away with double murder because they saw much of what the jury saw and therefore drew conclusions based on evidence just as the jury did. If you don't see the difference well . . .
  10. Which means we should not be repeating it as if it is true.
  11. Not necessarily.. Jamie Lee Curtis was born with boy and girl parts...... Things that make you go hmmmm.......... Most men on here would bone Jamie Lee Curtis.... lol Rhino I would! Are we just repeating trash we heard or does somebody really have some proff that JLC was born intergendered? I have done some research and this very well could be an urban legend. It amazes me that people repeat things as truth without ever checking the validity of the statement first.
  12. Well when I was younger I got everything from Dustin Hoffman to Christian Slater to Sean Penn and Anthony Micheal Hall. Your program says George Clooney and two guys who look nothing like him. Since they all look so much alike it must be true
  13. "I see said the blind man to the deaf dumb mute." "Shit fire and save matches!" "Slapp my pappy happy!" This is from a movie and I use it on my son every time he does something really stupid . . . "Son, when we get home, remind me to slap your momma. 'Cause there's no way that you are the fruit of my loins."
  14. Just because many people make the same personal individual choice doesn't mean that they are doing it because everyone else does. I've seen you bring this subject up before. And it's been my experience that people who constantly rebel against what the rest of society is doing are having their choices controlled more by societal influence than those who don't care what the rest of society is doing. I'm with Philly Kev. Your statement makes it sound like anyone who has a belief that is similar to the vast majority then they are just following the herd and have no mind of their own. So if I like ice cream and 90% of America likes ice cream, then I only like ice cream because everyone else does. Right? It is not possible that I like ice cream because I like it? By your logic then you only have personal choices if they disagree with the vast majority of the population. THerefore you make your decisions based on the exact opposite of what the majority decides so you can make your choices personal and therefore your choices are completely controlled by popular choice. We can then control your choices by choosing the exact opposite of what we want you to choose so that you will then choose it. Yeah real personal there. Follow that logic.
  15. Lobotomy. \ stop my sides they hurt!I need air!