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  1. napaguy99

    Mid-tour leave A-License venture

    I would say it's worth calling Art and Jeff at Skydive Palatka if you are in Jacksonville. Oftentimes they'll fire up the 182 on weekdays if there are people to jump. If you work it out beforehand, you might be able to have the airplane and DZ to yourself. That way you can save money on the hotel and be home every night. They have a great facility. Also, they are about 2 hours or so from the tunnel if you wanted to hop down there for a session at night. PM me for a good tunnel coach. I have to echo Dave on waiting to buy the rig as well. There is so much stuff out there. No reason to rush into getting something you can't use for a few months anyway. Rigs aren't a monetary investment- they don't appreciate in value. "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  2. napaguy99

    Exit Separation for Pilots

    Agreed, distance traveled across the ground is what you need. However, in order to calculate that distance you need to know what the TAS is and what the winds are. Reminder: GS=TAS +/- winds. Without the TAS you have no idea what the GS is, and hence what the distance traveled across the ground is. What you are telling me is that an Otter on jump run has a TAS of about 90 kts. That's the info I'm looking for, but for more jump A/C. "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  3. napaguy99

    Exit Separation for Pilots

    Chris Maybe your or some other diverdrivers could give us an idea what a typical TAS is for different A/C on jump run. Thanks! "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  4. napaguy99

    My first Skydive Video

    Damn I gotta visit Skydive Ogden. Who was that blondie giving the tandem briefing??? P.S. I thought Tom Petty was outlawed for skydiving videos??? Come on now! PPS How about a few transitions?? "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  5. napaguy99

    Tandem recovery procedures

    The videographer stopped the spin?? I'm curious as to the experience of the video guy. Has he seen this happen before? Also, coincidently is he an AFFI? As an AFFI and vidiot myself I never thought I would see something like that. It never occurred to me that a video guy could get in there and stop a tandem spin. Kudos to the 2 of you for working it out. "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  6. napaguy99

    AFF 1: I refused to jump!

    Quite honestly, yes. I'd trust just about anyone to pack. It's amazingly simple to do and amazingly difficult to mess up. You are worrying over it a bit too much. Your logic is a little flawed: What if the one who had closed the rig had made no mistakes, could he not also still have made other mistakes you don't see? You will just have to trust your packers. If you don't trust them, learn to pack your own. I know plenty of people who started out packers before they even did a level 1. Sorry your instructor made such a big deal out of it and convinced you not to jump . Don't give up yet. Also, is that customary in Italy to FAIL a jump for not getting out of the airplane. As far as I'm concerned the jump never happened and we'll try it again later; it's certainly not a FAILURE, though. "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  7. napaguy99

    Block formation books??

    I just bought a Freefalling Together about 2 months ago from the gear shop at SD Chicago via the internet. There was no hassle whatsoever. Just gave a CC number and in about a week I had a book. Do a quick search and you'll find the direct contact info. Good luck "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  8. The cherry bombs are marinating in my fridge right now! They look so yummy!!!! The jungle juice will be mixed up tomorrow night to begin soaking. P.S. There will be exercises for all interested parties on Saturday morning. Bring your A-game, Jeff! "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  9. Is anyone planning on coming out to party on Friday night? I wouldn't mind hanging out over a few brews and a campfire. I sure hope the Emerald Coast crew is going to make it. Jen and I are heading out of here for Hawaii in a few more weeks. "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  10. Are you implying that we should charge more than $70-$100+ (at some DZs) and the customer will be willing to pay that much as well? Good luck selling videos to someone who has already paid upwards of $200+ for their jump. "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  11. Jen and I will be having our official Skydive Palatka wedding reception that weekend as well to add to the festivities. We'll be bringing hairy buffalo and cherry bombs. See you there!! "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  12. napaguy99

    Hoseshoe Malfunction Video

    It looks to me like the instructor made a boo-boo. As soon as the student extracted the PC the instructor was ready to bail. Then he realized the PC was still in hand and decided to stick around. Had the instructor hung on until inflation he could have helped out a little more. Also, I'm concerned with outside video dude (the guy on the right screen.) After deployment, he took 1 quick peek for traffic then continued to stare at the student for about 20 seconds. In a situation like this it's easy to get scope-locked and not clear yourself for traffic. You know the instructor just dumped near you. Maybe they were the only ones on the plane but there could have also been other traffic. Not to say a canopy collision was close in this instance, but this is a prime example of how one COULD have happened. Many lessons to be learned from this jump. "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  13. napaguy99

    AFF cost $2400....bueno o no?!

    25 SL progression jumps from a 182 vs 25 AFF progression jumps from a turbine does not even compare. While I'm sure your dropzone (your dropzone being the DZ of who ever is reading this) has awesome instruction during all of those SL jumps, I just don't see how your skydiving skills could compare to those of someone from AFF. I'll put it this way: if I as a fun jumper am going to spend 20 some dollars on a jump ticket I'm somewhat picky about who I'm going to jump with. I'll take the guy with 50 jumps who went through AFF over the guy with 150 jumps who went through SL any day. Sure, USPA says 25 jumps = A license. But I just have to disagree with the statement that 25 jumps = 25 jumps no matter what method. You think SL is cheaper than AFF in the long run? I highly disagree. You're going to spend more money doing solos or working on your abilities in order to get up to snuff to have a worth while jump. Like Freeflygoat said "Static Line progression was great in 1978. Does it work? Yes. Is AFF a better training program? Absolutely!" Get with the times. "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  14. napaguy99

    10way speed start from the jet

    Isn't it a speed STAR, or have I been saying it wrong all this time? I thought the formation built was a star. "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."
  15. napaguy99

    Mindwarps and still cameras

    Get the adapter from BH. That's your best bet. As far as the cameye breaking off, see this thread:;guest=31843186#1046783 "Let the misinterpretation and attacks begin."