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  1. I did my second tandem yesterday and had a ton of pressure over my right sinuses... eye, ear and mouth. It really hurt. I didn't have this my first tandem. It took a few hours for my ear to finally pop. I really want to move on to my AFF but I'm thinking that I might need to see a dr first. Besides the sinus issue the jump was awesome. He said I did a great job with my awareness, pull and canopy control. I wonder if he tells everyone that :)
  2. I posted here last year about my first jump, which was awesome. I have been waiting to go again but for many reasons it just hasn't worked out. One of those reasons being I broke my leg and had to have surgery to fix it. So my question is I am about 9 weeks out and am already walking unassisted. I am wondering if I can jump in Sept with this hardware in my leg. I will of course ask my surgeon but I don't think he will like the idea. Oh, it will be a tandem jump :) Thanks
  3. ttoy

    Injured Birds

    We have huge windows in the back of our house and today a bird crashed into the windows. When I went outside to check on the bird I saw another one alive just laying there. So I now have two birds suffering out back. What should I do?
  4. ttoy

    My hubby

    My poor hubby landed wrong in taekwondo and ended up in the ER. As you can see in the xray his bone was sticking out. It was luckily just dislocated and only needed 30 stitches. He's on some good drugs and antibiotics now.
  5. I lived in Chambersburg, PA when I was 10. I remember watching the skydivers coming down above our house and still have photos of them. So cool!
  6. Awesome! How much ground instruction did you get before jumping?
  7. He asked if I was ready and I said no, lol... didn't really matter.
  8. I'm sorry. I hope you get to jump on Tuesday.
  9. No Laughing at the faces I was a bit scared. Edited by slotperfect to make the link clicky!
  10. I just did my first jump yesterday. I didn't have the stomach feeling either. I did feel sick after it was all done... my legs felt a little weak. I have no regrets in doing it. Go for it!
  11. He let me steer the canopy which was so much fun. He showed me how to turn and all. It felt extremely hard to pull down on the turns though. He said it was because it was so big and that I would be able to control a smaller one easier... I am 5'3... 115lbs. I can't wait to go again
  12. Should I do another tandem then move on to the aff? What exactly does the aff involve, training and jump? Another question... when we landed yesterday we landed perfectly standing up on the asphalt and not on the grass like the rest, everyone screamed beer. Why??