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  1. jfskydiver


    I received my license last year at this drop zone, and couldn't ask for a better place. When I first started skydiving I thought like most sports if your the new guy, your treated like the new guy. But, from the time I arrived I was proven totally wrong. The people at this drop zone are not the only reasons why this is my home drop zone. Safety is taken very seriously, and when someone has questions or does something wrong, there is always someone there to help out or correct the situation. The drop zone also has food cooked to order, at the cutaway cafe trademarked and operated by someone who I think would much rather be jumping. Oh, and just a quick note when reading through the reviews there was one about the rigs being to small, well I just have to say I have seen some big guys jump those rigs, and they didn't look snug. I mean they have up to a 290 sq ft. canopy how small could the rig be. Anyway, drop zone is great if you live in Ohio you should definitely make your way out here.
  2. anyone know anything about for Israel dz's. They are kind of hard to get in touch with, and I heard they are pretty specific with their requirements for traveling jumpers.
  3. Okay so I am kind of new to this sport, started this previous summer and have 105 jumps now. But, maybe I can add a little I am sure everyone remembers that during your training you have to keep your head on a swivel. If you skydive defensively you most likely will be able to react to situations that may cause you harm, i.e. if someone is coming swooping down to dock onto you and you have your head up and see them coming in way to fast you will be able to move the hell out the way. Also, one way to prevent being knocked out is don't jump with people that you think are dangerous. Hell, accidents happen in the unlikelihood that you do actually get knocked out I guess you better hope you don't have an Argus in your rig and your AAD fires properly and your reserve inflates fully, and that you somehow make it to the ground safely.
  4. Or to Spain. But then again, that's where the rain seems to fall the most too, mainly. Or so they say. So might not be so good for skydiving there either now, come to think of it. I'd just fahghettaboutit methinks, altogether. Just stay home. Okay so I spelled plane, like the grass field version i.e. plain. So sorry. But Otherwise thank you to the people that gave some tips.
  5. A few of my friends and I are going to Florida in the beginning of december, and I was just wondering if anyone can help me decide on which drop zones are the best to go to. Like ones that are good for experienced jumpers, have nice plains, and also if you know of any dz's on the coast.