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  1. Hey hookitt, thanks for not mincing words! I like your attitude about these, "traditions". Just so happens I like brewing, collecting and drinking beer so it didn't take much arm twisting for me to bring some in. I'll plan on bringing more when I get my "first" jump on my A license!
  2. LOL, thanks. Beer is in the 'fridge and I'm bringing it to the DZ tomorrow. I didn't realize this was the tradition but apparently it's pretty standard!
  3. Finished my last jump with my instructor Jackson at Skydance and got to jump solo today, my 8th jump ever. Did a diving exit, flip, turns and tracking. Couldn't believe how slow the altitude passed, felt like forever and I actually pulled 1000 ft earlier than on my AFF so I could do some extra drills under canopy. FUN!
  4. I did my last AFF jump and my first solo "student status" jump today. My 7th and 8th. In a perfect world I would say spend a day on your 1st, then the next day do your 2nd and 3rd, next day 4th, 5th, next day 6th, 7th. You get the idea. After your first jump you will have a pretty good idea what you are dealing with and you will be able to decide for yourself if the above progression is right for you. Talk to your instructor, you might be able to show all the required skills in less than 7 jumps, might take more, everyone seems to be different. Lemme know how it goes!
  5. Agreed, I LOL'd. Welcome to the forum man, keep us apprised of your training and send me a PM if you ever want to jump in NorCal.
  6. Welcome, your bud sounds like an amazing resource, let us know how your training goes!
  7. You're going to be so effin' pumped when you get to jump! let us know how it goes.
  8. Get your A. I'm on my way to mine. My wife and I conveniently moved 5 min from a DZ so if you ever want to jump in NorCal hit me up on DZ.com!
  9. Once you're in the harness you'll realize how secure it is. You're gonna get hooked though... I did, LOL. My original thought was that "they" should pay me for the first couple jumps and IF I survived, I would start to pay them for continued training. Needless to say it didn't work out that way. Still hooked though.
  10. Welcome back! I only just started jumping and it's been a blast.
  11. ROTFLOL!!! If I was the guy in that vid this would become my new sig!
  12. Welcome to the forum, I've got one more jump to complete my AFF and then I'll start working on my A license. I'm super new also ( to the sport AND the forum) but I'm pretty stoked on it. Let us k ow when you start AFF!
  13. Did my first jump at Skydance today (6th ever) and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure what to expect because all my other jumps were at another great DZ that I no longer live near. My instructor Jackson was highly effective: simple, clear communication pre-jump, enough repetition to sink in, relaxed attitude that kept my nervousness to a minimum and helped me think straight during my jump. I originally went just to check it out and see what the vibe was like and ended up having a great jump. I asked about the instructors in the office and they introduced me to Jackson, he looked at my logbook and watched a vid of my last jump to get an idea of where I was at in my training. Because it was my first time there he gave me a very thorough safety briefing, fully checking my understanding of all safety related procedure. It was almost like my first ground school, I was impressed with the time I was given for no extra charge. My pre-jump instruction was very thorough and detailed as well. Jackson is also a wind tunnel coach and was able to communicate simply, exactly how to execute the required maneuvers. We practiced my exit and went through the dive verbally several times until we were both satisfied. In short, as I mentioned above the instruction was laid out simply, there was enough repetition that I remembered what to do while falling/standing in the door of the plane and the laid back attitude was just what I needed to not be more nervous than I already was!
  14. Thanks everyone for your interest, I did my 2nd to last AFF jump today at Skydance and it was great! I'm jumping again in a few days and then I'll welcome all the help I can get in acheiving my A license.
  15. Jump there long enough and it gets to the point where you don't even notice the gunfire under canopy. It's like living next to train tracks - eventually it just becomes background noise. Every so often when I'm on the ground, a gunshot will penetrate my consciousness and it's like "Oh yeah, the gun club!" Did my first jump there today, it was great! Gun club fades away exactly as you described. I'm sure I'll get spoiled by the plane they run, 13k in as many minutes. Great vibe, was beautiful flying the canopy at sunset.
  16. Lol, don't say "gunshot" and "penetrate"!
  17. Thanks Monkey. You've got a good sense of humor: Family Guy gets credit for Roofie Colada!
  18. I want pics of Sean walking around with that corsage! I'm starting to think I should rent a limo.
  19. Offer to trade some of that. Plenty of guys who jump and ride, and I'm sure one of them has a coach rating and would like to sharpen up their riding skils. At racetracks. I'd be happy to consider it. Sears Pt/Infineon is closest, Laguna is nice too.
  20. Congrats man, I'm at a similar place. I can't wait to do my 6th and 7th jumps!
  21. Copy that... weird that he likes Roofie-Coladas but I guess you know him better than I do.