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  1. What worries me is that we are fighting the last battle. Looking into the future of cameras its going to be even harder and harder to keep them away. Look at things like this. How could you tell if some 30 jump wonder's glasses are cameras or not. Even more so they put them under a full face and completely remove the snag hazard argument. Camera's like this are currently cheap and the quality is not good, but in a couple years these things could be everywhere. We need to start thinking about how to spot them, how to properly explain the risks of distractions etc, when snag hazards and be eliminated.(Personally I'd love to have a camera as glasses inside my full face) I did buy a cheap pair of these for about 60 bucks to check out the quality. I took them to the wind tunnel to see how they worked. Its still not nearly there in quality, but I'd expect to see more and more of these on DZs.
  2. Since everyone likes tunnel compilations
  3. Here is some footage from the event on March 1st. It was a great night, went from 8pm to 4am, more food and flying than anyone could handle.
  4. I think the music choice could use some work
  5. Yes the tunnel does take your currency away in a cyclone of air. It takes alot of currency.
  6. Nice I might have to get one chromed out and get some spinners on the locking plates.
  7. Sit tight, it's coming. I can verify this, I saw them put it on the truck, check Fedex for a tracking number.
  8. My favorite part of this, is that the comments section is filled with people telling him how bad of an idea it is, why he is making a mistake, there is no one there saying, good job keep it up. Yet he still thinks its a great idea. Not to mention the camera, which I know zhills doesn't allow before 200 jumps, same as sebastian. And I just want to see him in free fall. Ask and you shall receive, here he is in free fall He was actually better in freefall than i expected, but his landing scared the shit out of me.
  9. I think some of the appeal to zombies vs aliens is that they were us at one point. Might be easier to kill an anonymous alien, but killing the zombified remains of your daughter might be more difficult since there would still be emotional bonds. just my 2 cents on why zombies have become the soup de jour lately.
  10. Honestly the best training to get in good tunnel shape, is spend alot of time in the tunnel. Short of that as people have said lots of stretching, Yoga, things that use bodyweight resistance. From head up stuff usually my deltoids get the most sore I also spend more time on my back than I would if I didn't tunnel fly, doing alot of lower back work for those long belly sessions.
  11. You're at spaceland, that's a great start. They have incredible instructors and fun jumpers. Check out the new tunnel in Austin, have fun.
  12. I think body awareness, and having experience understanding where your body and limbs are at all times will be the biggest take away. As said before, in Diving or gymnastics, you are to some degree getting all your motion, power and rotation from the launch. With skydiving, you are constantly engaging the wind to create the motion. Therefore you can do it slower, (doing a maneuver very slow is skydiving is usually harder than doing it quickly) and with more control throughout the entire maneuver. It will take a little time to adjust to not having to huck everything, but with your body awareness, you should pick it up quickly.
  13. The website was live yesterday, then it was taken down today.I'm guessing they had some changes made. Here is a screen shot I took last night.
  14. Texas Tunnel website is now online. You can prebuy time before they open.
  15. The benefit to the tunnel is they can really work to give you excellent form, alot of this is done with lower windspeeds and work on the net. This can often times feel frustrating as it can feel like you are taking a step backwards from what you are doing in the sky. I have felt that many a times, but the next time I'm in the sky I can almost always tell the improvement I made. If the tunnel is nearby, find local groups that make regular tunnel visits, they can help speed your progress, give you spacing and often times can negotiate for better rates. Then try and keep a regular schedule if possible, even if its only once every other month. Good luck, have fun!