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  1. Austintxflight

    Noob just starting out

    Hey there. I spent time in San Marcos coming from Austin. It has windy days just like any other DZ but I hadn't noticed anything more than normal. In terms of doing AFF at different DZs, I did that. I did my first jump at one DZ, then did the next 3 at another before finishing at the original DZ. I will say that having the same instructors that go with you on each jump helps you learn faster. Also each DZ's AFF is slightly different than the next so there could be chances to miss out on some learning. If I could go back, I would have done it all at 1 DZ. A benefit to getting to multiple DZs is many people early in their careers learn to fly based on the geography of that DZ, for example they set up their landing pattern based on landmarks. Getting to a new DZ you can break that habit. After I got my A i went to about 10 DZs and it really helped just get familiar with how different places do things, and learn from different jumpers.
  2. Austintxflight

    Head down tips

    I have started head down recently as well. I would say be patient its going to take a while to figure out the balance and the positioning, adjusting to being upside down etc. Also like with head up, be sure to work your good side, and your bad side equally. (right leg in front, left leg in front stuff) And of course listen to your instructor, watch your videos.
  3. Austintxflight

    Looking for a winter spot

    from my understanding, and i could be wrong. Is if you want to go somewhere with the most jump-able days out of the year, go to Eloy.
  4. Austintxflight

    Tunnel time before AFF ??

    I personally love the tunnel, and that is my home tunnel. If you go on their website, sometimes they have deals for time. And if you are ever planning on going and need some people to space out some time ill come fly with you. In terms of doing it before AFF, I don't think it can hurt. It wouldn't be bad, they can help you get a solid arch, stable turns, and a solid belly foundation, it will probably help you get through AFF with less repeat jumps, but in the end, jumping is the best thing. (although I am quite partial to the tunnel)