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  1. FreeFallFiend

    Squirrel strikes again!

    +1 When I was in Switzerland we were reviewing some video in the Horner. Dan Vicary happened to see and commented that my tail wing of my Colugo could be pressurizing faster. He modified it for me a couple hours later and now it pressurizes ridiculously fast.
  2. FreeFallFiend

    Paragliding and skydiving?

    People have been doing it for a long time now. I know it is or was very common to do it out west with BASE rigs. I believe however last year the USHPA put some new rules into effect to try and stop it from occurring anymore.
  3. FreeFallFiend

    Yves Rossy Glider (Jetman unpowered)

    I love the top comment: "One dislike. Jeb's been here." I am still laughing Edit because I cant spell.
  4. FreeFallFiend

    Jumping with a pink tutu?

    Nope. Unless you get a handfull of tutu instead of PC...thats why I went handheld