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  1. Just bought a cypres new made in nov/2012 a week ago .. needless to say im not happy. have to wait 4 years for update.....
  2. Yea it can seem like a odd thing to do at first but if you check the classified there is always a market for ''student'' rigs. this gear should hold alot of its value when its sold for the next one.
  3. Well i don't know about you guys but i know i need this canopy before i can bring out my mad skills. everything else is just too slow... And will someone please teach me to swoop?
  4. Just talked to both Airtec and AAD and both were very polite and answered the question easily. Basically they both will need to be turned off after landing, the vigil will retain the offset and display it on the screen when its restarted at the take off area, the cypres will need to be reset to the offset BUT when doing the procedure it will be at the last offset used and so you do not have to scroll to the same offset again and again.
  5. no i dont think either will change their own settings nor would i want that. however as i understand it the vigil would keep its offset while still monitoring the base pressure every 30 sec or so. the concern about the closed vehicle would affect both AADs and i would think they would have a window open in said van just for this reason. however i know traveling at speed with a window open can cause some funny pressure changes so its most likely wise to turn the AAD off and back on again anyway. but i think this would remain on the vigil and not the cypres. im going to call around to the AAD makers and see what they say, will follow up here.
  6. I do it quick with the slider on my shoulder and then get hands between AB and toss B out and push fabric to the sides then again with BC tossing C out... what i mean by toss is that i push the lines forward in a group and then quickly push fabric to the sides. I also make sure that the line ground all run together and as vertical as possible... takes less then 30 sec of my time and assures things are in their right places. Fabric to the outside, lines to the inside.
  7. why is that? would it not be that both AAD keep checking the surrounding pressure every 30 sec or so and thus keep accurate on the relative pressure? just one would keep an offset and the other not?
  8. Did some searched but didnt find anything other then people arguing about diving computers and how their Argus are the best so i figured i would post this. Im planning a trip to Hollister this summer and am also in need of a new AAD. To this end ive been ready about the differences in their function and have some questions from those that have had to use offsets. After reading both manuals it seems that a Vigil2 will keep what ever offset you add to it regardless of what alt you land at. However a cypres will take the first offset and then adjust itself so that that landing zone is now zero once you have landed. At the specified DZ the plane takes off 450 ft LOWER thing the landing area. Does this mean that as i will be at the packing area for longer then 32 sec that the cypres will reset its ground altitude to there and i will have to add this offset before every jump? Packing area is at the lower level + a 12 min van ride back from the landing area to the take off area. Do i understand correctly that a vigil will not reset itself and thus keep whatever altitude correction i have made for it until i switch it off? And that a cypress i will have to set this alt correction every time? Also anyone with experience at this DZ, any info welcome Thanks for the insight
  9. As an aspiring skydiver who will be a coach some day, this is awesome! This kind of positive impact is why i love helping people where i can on the DZ and why i know i will love being an instructor. Keep up the good life!
  10. Hi, I have the speed helmet and am pretty happy with it. I ordered the first one in the incorrect size by 2 cm and it makes a world of difference so be sure you get the measurement right and double checked by someone else. lucky my girlfriend fits the first one so it didnt get wasted. I dont have an external audible port but do have the cutaway system. the internal ports work great in my opinion i can hear the protrack just fine and i dont see how it could ever fall out. i took some pics of both for you. they are here. any more questions just PM me http://imgur.com/a/CmyhL
  11. This. I don't have to worry about whether there will be rental gear available that is suitable for me. I don't have to fight with anyone else over getting to use the gear that day. I know exactly how it's been cared for and maintained. I like owning my own gear so much that after 7 years in the sport, I got a second rig. My two setups are almost identical; other than the container. Main/reserve/AAD are identical, so I can put either rig on and know what to expect without having to think about it (though of course the newer one that was custom-built for me will be much more comfortable!). I've found that buying/owning used gear has made good financial sense for me relative to renting, too. I've sold two of my main canopies, one AAD, and one reserve, and they've all held their value really well. Of course, I bought them all used (with the exception of the AAD) at a fair price, and they were all components that were still popular and in demand when I sold them. Of course, the components I have now that I bought new I expect to take more of a hit on if / when I sell them, but I waited to buy them till I was at a point where I was pretty sure I'd jump the same stuff for a long time so I can wring out as much value as possible. I totally agree. The first year i started i was considering not getting my own stuff for a few years and just jumping our rentals but then someone packed me a lineover which ofc led to a cutaway. After that i decided right there and then that i would have my own gear (even if its used and old but still in great condition) so i always know who packed it and where its been. That fact for me is priceless.
  12. Sir.... Your video is awesome and you should feel awesome!
  13. Quite a few replies here with different opinions. Ive personally no need for new lines or stretching but am interested in the topic more then ever now.. I too would like to see some tests done to see if it actually changes the strength of the line. i personally dont have the equipment for it. Interesting idea and im hoping someone comes along with some data. Does anyone know if this is an old practice or something more recent. i would think the longer its been in use without problems the more reliable it is. Thanks
  14. I totally agree, just the idea of the practice seems kind of radical. i would think it could decrease the strength of the lines. I did ask PD about it and they had this to say. ''What little you may gain will then be lost again right away as the lines continue to heat shrink. My best guess is that he is not going to accomplish anything beneficial.'' I asked about it possibly weakening the lines but there was no comment on that. makes sense as its not something they recommend doing at all...
  15. Has anyone heard of taking a Spectra lineset and stretching it back into trim? this is something ive heard about and have a friend who is jumping a canopy with the lineset stretched and he said it was like a new canopy. Does anyone have experiences with this good or bad?
  16. I'm just gonna throw this out there..... you say you will be jumping rental rigs until you are ready for a 170 and want to get something that will fit you for longer? makes sense imo. Buy a new container (and reserve) fitted for you that is made for a 135-150 and put a PD pulse 170 into it. (not sure if pilot ZPX would pack that small aswell?) Pilot seems to fly similar to a pulse with a flat glide and good openings but it packs quite a bit smaller. I did exactly the above with a used wings container that was made for a 135-150 and it worked very well. The pulse 170 totally fit without being too big and was really easy to pack even brand new. I sold my 170 and after some 150 jumps i now have a non- ZPX Pilot 132 in that same container and it fits perfectly. WARNING: Some may say i have downsized too quick and thats fine but thats not the point of my post. the point is that you can get a new container that will fit what you can fly today and for a really long time if you choose the canopies correctly.
  17. Ive never had a problem dumping in full track and dont understand how this can be a bad thing. This is pretty much the norm after breakoff where we jump. Track, maybe roll, quick wave and pull. As for line twists ive 200 jumps and gotten line twists about 4 times total since jump 1 and they are nothing to worry about on student canopies. just kick out like on a swing.
  18. THIS! As for go-pros, everyone has them so 3 for 3 isnt that bad. but yea they could have had some on sticks to go those cool full body self shots. one duct taped to each arm would have been really cool!
  19. Well... with my massive 1 hour worth of experiance in the tunnrl i know they made me start out with the slowest windspeed possible when seatflying. i think the speed was around 230 kph and according to protrack my avg in the sky is around 260kph and yea i had a really hard time getting off the net.... however the tunnel was no where near full power.. so either the tunnel you are at cant reach the speed needed for full on FF or they just want to keep you at lower speeds for a while.... my 2 cents
  20. So yea about that parachute? Suit was modified to let the risers come up or? it looks like you can see them in the belly tracking pic.
  21. Wow. Checking the handle when I first put the rig on (among other times) is so ingrained that I even do it when I put a backpack on. The "check of threes" is a very, very strong habit for me. Same here, wear a backpack to work and find myself checking for the handle rather often to the point where ive been asked wtf im doing. also i can no longer wear said backpack without the chest strap closed....
  22. I find it more interesting that they weren't looking up. It looks like the game was in progress as they landed. Was this a bandit demo? That's what I was thinking. Was going to say off landing but it looks like it was intentional. I know nothing about this other then whats in the vid and dont understand what language that is but my professional speculation is that it was a deliberate unplanned demo from a friend(s) or team member of the other team or against something there. That collision looks as if it could have been avoided by anyone who can hit a landing field the size of that field (almost anyone, even most students) Seconded by the high five with the sign people.... He also had helpers there waiting to get his cutaway canopy off the field when things started to look like they were getting violent. my 2 cents...
  23. my 2 cents.... Our club works that the AFFI gets their slot paid and the next jump, so in our case its like being paid 23 eur a jump
  24. if it was a guy passenger, you wouldn't say that. It was OKish becaus there was some cleavage You sir had me go back a page to check said video..... i was not disappointed :P as for T-passengers having cameras. Being one of the ones who started with a camera well below 200 jumps i still dont think its a good idea. there is no way in hell i could have done what i needed to do on my first jumps while having a camera and trying to get any shots, its just not feasible.
  25. im rather new but from what ive seen so far its a combination. check your alti and listen for ur audible and there is always that little voice in ur head that says pull. I figure if you pull around the same as the others around you, you dont see the ants as people, and you land ok it was a good skydive. as for being on the mark every time.. i think tis not possible as the more you jump the possibility that all work closes to zero.. AGAIN. just my noob opinion.... EDIT... as for really new people i think its better to get used to checking your alt rather then relying on a beep to tell you its time to pull..