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  1. I have the paratrooper mentality that a proper PLF will always be the safest. I firmly believe that as long as you have your feet and knees together, with knees bent, that you will not break your legs. It seems to me that the slide not only separates your legs, but you will have one leg extended and another tucked under--either of which could catch and break the extended, or crack your knee on the tucked. PLF's, when performed properly, will displace the impact regardless of direction/speed. But as mentioned above, it takes many repetitions to get the hang of. At Airborne school, we did PLF's for two weeks, at AFF ground training, I think I did one. With all this being said, however, I am now dying to try the "slide"
  2. If it smells funny, there may be a reason. Apparently Sportations is part of another group that starts with S Read this Yeah--thats a scam--I live in Valdosta, and the closest DZ is St Mary's, GA--2 hrs from here. The only jumping here is military.
  3. Good luck man--it really sux that there are assholes out there like that. As much as it sux, have you tried to offer him a reward for it? Does this dude have civil family members that could get it for you? Even try showing up with a gift (beer). If not--my best wishes on getting your main back. What happens when someone has to do an alternate landing on his place? Is he gonna hold them hostage?
  4. I agree with all the above-- I have many jumps (military static line) and a few jumps (skydiving)--I always go through in my mind what to do, and "touch every handle" before every exit-and visualize malfunction actions. You have one up on me, and know you CAN handle it--like Joe Dirt said, "keep on keepin on"
  5. I am a military jumper (static line), and really enjoy it. I wanted to give skydiving a try, and really love it.
  6. Farting in the plane is worse than any "dutch oven"
  7. Spot on! Plus, you are paying them money--I understand completely where you are coming from. They are a customer service oriented business. I could not imagine someone from my dz acting like that.
  8. I am a complete, total noob. I have ONE skydive. But, in the way of relaxation and letting things just flow, I am a bit more experienced. When doing patrols in Iraqistan, if I am tense, my section picks up on it and we don't execute as smoothly. If I am relaxed, then they are relaxed and, when the crap hits the fan, we execute as smooth as butter and react more quickly and efficiently. In both cases (skydiving and patrolling Badtown), people may die, but in both cases, calm and relaxed in the brunt of a crapstorm makes things more livable. :) Hope that helps. If not, just ignore me. :) 1) Where is Iraqistan? 2) If your entire section operates entirely off your demeanor, then ya'll should seek more efficient training--unless you're just that badass Having done both, patrols downrange and skydiving are apples and oranges. From your post, I assume you have done one more skydive than you have patrols. Keep it in context-thanks!
  9. This quote applies to so much--and is well said
  10. Butch up, Sally. You're never gonna make it in this sport if ya can't out-dickhead the dickheads. On the other hand, you're doing a damn fine job of out-whining the whiners so far. Yep, and learn to type coherently--it will add to your credibility. I had to read your post three times for it to make sense