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  1. I hate to say it but why is the forum and jumpers in person full of assholes. they were once beginners but the want to act like they have always been experienced jumpers. Im speaking for all beginners, they are a bunch of dick heads. If I was 900 jumps in I would still be respectful to beginners because everyone had to start somewhere. If I were able I would kick every experienced jumper that wanteed to be a deusch bag in the balls. No disrespect to all of u jumpers that are help to us beginners.
  2. I've heard alot of mention of skyride DZs. What exactly is skyride?
  3. Yeah you all make good points. It was a toss up of whether I was going to make a second tandem or not. I'm going to talk to some of the guys at the DZ and if it seems that I will get the training I need on my first solo jump to land myself I won't worry about another tandem. Me, personaly doesn't want to do a second tandem, but I want to be safe when jumping. Thanks for the input.
  4. Well, Last August I did my first tandem, and this april I am going to do another tandem then start my AFF program. I'm going to do another the tandem since its been over 6 months, plus the first time I was so pumped I really don't even remember it. It was like a dream, and I really don't want to jump out a plane by myself without getting that feeling again with someone that knows what they are doing. I'm going to explain to whoever jumps with me to give me a step by step play on what we are doing once the parachute is out that way I have a better idea when I'm on my own controling the parachute. I can't wait I am already pumped and impatient. I can't wait to join you fellow skydivers in the wonderful worl of jumping out of planes.
  5. No I'm def not thinking about BASE jumping yet. I want to get into the skydiving world and learn as much as I can especially about my gear and precision landing. I've been doing alot of reading and I don't want to be one of the people who jump into it thinking I know everything and end up severely hurt or killed right off the bat. I def want to take my time and give myself years of experience in skydiving before I BASE jump
  6. Im not even through AFF, but I was just wondering if anyone could break it down for me, I'm curious. What are the price ranges usually on dif gear such as BASE Rigs, Skydiving Rigs, Jump Suits and Helmets?
  7. If anyone can just give me there insight it would be appreciated. Im just now about to start my AFF program so I know its going to be a few years down the road before I even start thinking about BASE Jumping. I'm just wondering how much experience and around how many jumps would one want to have or complete to start BASE Jumping? The reason I want to get into skydiving is to one day start BASE Jumping as well.
  8. I just completed my tandem jump August 7th. I'm signed up to complete my class and first 3 jumps of the AFF program Oct 8th and 9th. I can't wait, and I'm ready to become part of the skydiving community and have great stories and experiences that you experienced jumpers have and share with each other.