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  1. Well a lot of people have one point that does really make sense. I want to go back and talk to him. I actually want to repeat the level with him until I pass it and only go the DZ closer because it's closer. Thats the ideal...But that... I guess depends on wether or not he is not too pissed at me because I want to tell him that the only I ask is for a clearer plan before we go up and I want to talk to him about what I "felt" was way too much roughness at that time and I am sure it was a safety issue as from what I read I am not supposed to make any movements on the plane unless told to do so". I can see from a lot of the responses here what may get from him. I never wanted to hurt the guy's career and there are people on here inquiring where I am at like the skydiving FBI who I did not tell but I can't delete this stupid profile and I'm not going to leave a guy in a bad way like that. And I have a feeling he will be exactly as some of the ones on here but I can only try. I would rather have myself be completely dumb to him and everyone at that DZ and deal with it. I don't think I'm putting myself in harm's way or anything..i really don't think there was anything personal about it, idk. And he is a very experienced instructor so idk I will see..I am going to tell him what I think. But I already told the DZO so all 3 of us will probably have to talk. It's gonna be very uncomfortable. And whoever said posting on here is keeping a fire going is right.
  2. Well I don't feel like a child nor do I feel like I'm entitled (to a certain degree) but I have work to do and practicing more. Again this image thing too.??? I don't have an image.. I am but a mere student. And even when I do get my license... it will not be much at all compared to some of you. You all are the ones with the images. The ones with all of the experience.
  3. You sure have that right ! I have read the last few pages thinking, "Geez, those instructors sure have to put up with a lot. Not only do they have to care for and be responsible for their students, they have to put up with the whiney, bitchey ones like this, who think their ass should float to the plane on a silk pillow with the AFF-Is blowing them kisses all the way. Get the fuck over yourself and realize what activity you're doing. Maybe you should take up bowling with a team of soft, happy bunnies. Kevin Keenan Where is the "like button"? Wow you're quick aren't you? And great sense of humor :) If I took his advice... I would quit the sport. Not gonna happen.
  4. So, it's true after all; you're looking for confirmation and nothing else will do. OK..I confirm...but believe me, it's not confirming what you're looking for. *shaking head* *rolling eyes* Most everything you've posted here screams "problem child". Not a good way to make friends and influence people. I got a lot of good feedback yes and some harsh but true and I did take it to heart so it was good for me but who wants to be friends with people that are saying things like some of you are? Like "get the fuck over yourself" etc. and problem child, hit the road.. and the list goes on. LOL
  5. Hey it was his words... Answer the goddamn question is what he said and I did....
  6. Meh. If that's your perception of "personal attack" I'm going to approach your perception of "push and shove" with a great deal of skepticism. Well it's a forum term... and no I never made the implication that the JM was attacking me personally. I'm still not gonna give in to anyone who wants me to think I am over reacting to this.. but good luck.
  7. such harsh words, you're stressing her out and she might not perform well, you mean man The dude has 1 jump he doesn't know anything about instructing.
  8. Hahaha.. you don't know me either.. another personal attack funny :) cute.
  9. With some of the egos on this thread, I don't see how I could offend anyone on here or even in real life if they think they know me. I still didn't let anyone on here intimidate me in case you are wondering. I did what I felt was right and I will continue to do so. Even the guy on here that said "answer the god damn question!" I answered it a ways back and he didn't read it. So no.. none of you have scared me either..
  10. My personal life is none of your business. What did you gain out of attacking me personally?? Some sick pleasure?
  11. This thread is becoming ridiculous imo in some ways. I thank you all for the feedback and knowledge you are giving to me.. but trying to intimidate me out of the sport is not going to work. And acting like I am a big wussy isn't either. Or like I'm trying to slander someone. I had a legitimate concern and I was upset. I got some really good feedback and I enjoy the sport a lot.. though very inexperienced. I see where I went wrong, don't feel like I can talk to the skyGod that everyone wants me to. I have learned alot and mainly the biggest thing that one poster put is to stay in the moment no matter what happens.. also that it's ok as a student to at least "try" and get the service you are paying for. That being said.. I got so much already out of the instruction I already had and I have had some great instructors even if they were harsh or whatever.. I actually fly very well in case anyone is interested. Not from my own account.. from my instructor's. But I need a lot of work and I don't intend on quitting because ppl on here want to call me a wussy baby or whatever. If I was, I don't think I would be jumping out of airplanes. So thanks and have fun bashing me all you want. I just can't wait to get in the air again... this weekend actually going to do L3 again and yes at a DZ closer that I already had a connection with and not a sexual one for God sake. Mostly what I think about is getting in the air again. So no... I'm not letting anyone tell me to go down the road, quit or ridicule me out of the sport. If you have that opinion, you have taken me wrong and probably my fault because I posted while I was upset. I don't think this post is productive as trying to intimidate someone out of a the sport because they had a bad experience is not what imo should happen so I hope it gets deleted.
  12. Well I just thank God you are not an instructor. While you're at it, you might want to thank Him for being in the dark on just who it is you're talking to. His whole quote is in the top..
  13. Hahaha!! LOL!! Too funnny...LMAO The instructors I am going to are serious and hard core and extremely detail oriented. I expect to be annoyed, ticked off, whatever by him/them (there are 2 of them) at some point..I was told by a couple of AFF instructors once "AFF makes you feel like you are having a nervous breakdown" I realize that. Yes after 50 jumps I will be able to handle more (I hope).. but right now I am at ppl's mercy before we jump. And so far protocol is really important.. and communication. I would think that would always be really key in jumping. idk I am just learning like I said. And I do plan on going back there to jump after I get my license.. As far as life skills and stress, I am in one of the most high stressed jobs there is. And not without all kinds of annoying people. I will always maintain I should have stopped that particular jump in the OP. If it makes me a bitch to a lot of ppl, then so be it. idk I don't care. I will be alive at least. I never expect everyone to agree with me either. And am glad to have different opinions of the situation.
  14. Well I just thank God you are not an instructor.
  15. I'm not going back over the events nor am I going back over why I feel I can't ASK him.. nor am I going to explain why I could have easily NOT survived. Protocol and communication are key to me right now and hopefully throughout the sport. I am the student here right now. I've "at least" had enough training to know we don't just go up and jump out of an airplane and survive.. there is more to it.. alot more.