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  1. Ordered a Volt earlier this year and it came in earlier than promised. Flies a lot like the Sabre 2 in my other rig, except a little more responsive. The quality is as good as the Sabre 2, and considering the price difference between it and a Sabre 2, would buy another Volt before a Sabre 2.
  2. From what I have read, the Volt and Sabre 2 have very similar flight characteristics. So I am wondering why you are wanting to go to the Sabre 2 in the same size. Is there something about the Volt you don't like, or something you think the Sabre 2 will do better? I jump a Sabre 2, but have been looking at the Volt for my second rig. I haven't had a chance to demo one yet, but based on what I have heard, wasn't expecting to see much difference between the two. Would be interested in hearing why you want to change.
  3. Thompson's are fun to shoot, if you can afford the ammo. You should go to Knob Creek in Tenn. Not that far from you. All of the Class III people show up and many will let you shoot their stuff, for a reasonable fee. They hold it once a year and I believe it is in the spring. You can find them online and get the details. Lots of firepower demonstrations and there are people set up on the firing line just so people can try out different weapons. Everything from sub guns to belt feds. Lots of fun.
  4. You weren't very clear. You said, "don't allow", which most people would take to mean, "can't have". And I would imagine you are quite aware of the process for owning NFA weapons, such as full auto, suppressors, short shotguns and rifles, etc. It is a long, drawn out process, I believe the wait time for approval is up to six to nine months at the moment, because of the backlog of applications. Not for machine guns, since they are out of the price reach of most people, but for suppressors. No doubt you want me to detail the whole, long process so you can say how that is how we should do so-called "assault rifles" or all firearms. People can go to BATF's website and read the rules, process etc. if they are interested.
  5. When did the Feds outlaw possession of legally registered machine guns? You need to go back and do a little more research.
  6. I bought two sets each from Rigging Innovations and Parachute Labs and neither came with inserts.
  7. Sabre 2 with Dacron lines. Use a UPT semi-stowless bag, so only have the two locking stows. Use large rubber bands and double wrap. No problems since I started using the UPT bags @4 years ago.
  8. Not all new risers automatically come with hard inserts. I have ordered 3 or 4 sets in the last two years that didn't have them. And these were from rig manufacturers, not aftermarket.
  9. Hi Bill, I use your original semi-stowless bags with the four tuck tabs and love them. I was looking at your latest version, with the sides sewn shut and think the original version is easier and faster. Were the changes merely a cost cutting measure? Saving material and time to make? Thanks, Fred
  10. I use No.5 links on all of my canopies and use the silicon bumpers from APEX Base. They are just the right size for a No.5 link and while not difficult to pull up if needed, I have never had to tack them down. While most people probably should tack them down, as Terry suggested, I make a point of checking each one when setting my brakes and have never had one move up or down. And that is on my rig for video and my CRW canopies. You might see if APEX will sell you a length of the tubing, since I would imagine they buy it by the roll, or maybe give you the supplier. If nothing else, you can order a few and measure them. You would probably have a better idea of what to order from the links that Terry gave you, if you liked the silicon ones from APEX. Best of luck finding what you need.
  11. Christmas day is the only day that Dallas Spaceland is closed.
  12. Do yourself a favor and look around for an old Triathlon with ragged out lines. They can be had for just a few hundred dollars, which is a whole lot cheaper than the ER bill when your arm or leg gets sliced to the bone in a wrap with microline. Aerodyne will either reline it with a Hybrid Dacron line set or sell you the line set for your rigger to do it. If it is a standard Triathlon, and not a Hybrid, you can get a 5 foot bridle, put a number 8 grommet in your d-bag to act as a kill cone for your pilot chute and you are good to go for doing casual type CRW. However, unless the people you are jumping with also have Dacron lines, you are still chancing it. After all, it will probably be their lines that are wrapped around you, not yours. Hopefully you have one person in the group that knows what they are doing, but I'm guessing not, or they would have told you the same thing about using microlined canopies for CRW. Get some appropriate canopies and have fun. CRW is great! Also look at attending one of the Raw Dogs CRW camps.
  13. Order a set of snap toggle risers from Parachute Labs(the people that make the Racer H/C) Other than my CRW canopies with velcro toggles, they are all I will use. I have never had a problem with them, premature brake release or anything else. They will make them any length, color, type 17 or 8, mini or large rings, ss or cadium hardware, dive loops, or rsl ring if wanted. Each set is custom made, so you can have them just about anyway you want them. I am not affiliated with Parachute Labs and don't even own a Racer, just like their snap toggle risers. Best of luck, Fred
  14. Buy a Bev camera suit with large wings that are sewn all the way down. No hole to throw your pilot chute through.
  15. I think Para Gear still makes and sells split sliders. The last one I bought a couple of years ago was $105. At the time you had a choice of colors, any size you wanted, and either F111 or ZP, but I think they only used brass grommets. You might check with them and see what the current deal is.