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  1. hey, need some help please! We operate a small skydiving operation over Jersey, a small island off mainland france. The Dz is a beach to the south. Normal operation is out of a 206 though every year we have a turbine boogie. The cool bit is that we now have a way to jump new dzs all over the archipeligo.. including a sand bank that only appears at low tide. The problem is, and which i need advice about, is how to do this efficiently... i.e. i need to identify a plane, preferably tailgate, that can shut down between loads... any thoughts?
  2. good advice, cheers paddy.. yeah done over 800 jumps and shit load of tunnel time, just have trouble fighting physics! any good cam suit wing combo recommendations? just need to be mindful of chucking my drigue through the gap!! :)Quote
  3. Hey guys and gals, looking for some advice... I am 110 kgs Euro, 242 lbs US style, 17 1/2 stone UK. I fall like amotherf*cker, ouot sink all formations, even tandems with drogues and no matter what i try i cannot slow my fall rate.. tried big suit, but cant seem to find the mega baggy jobbies from the 80s anymore, every jump i'm just fighting gravity and losing... any help please! losing weight ain't an option as enjoy beer too much!! :) cheers!