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  1. Inface and outface carving in head down and head up are actually the same as tracking only that you are turning while tracking. If you can carve at any speed and in all orientations you will able to fly your slot in any track o angle dive.
  2. I looking for a new camera- I'd like to shoot stills and also video. I'd really like to hear your opinion on what would be a suitable choice. Is there any obvious difference other than the full frame and the price? What advantage does shooting with a full frame camera offer? Thanks for your feedback! Mike
  3. Will this camera be good for skydiving video and photo? I remember that the Nex 3n was usable but the Nex 5n was not- for some reason that I can't remember.. Thanks for your input :) Mike
  4. Is anyone using the Gopro to film a freefly or freestyle comp? Haven't seen anyone yet.... wonder why. Anyone know why everyone seems to be using SonyCX's? Thanks for you input!
  5. Hi. will be in Miami for Xmas... Looking for a DZ nearby with some freeflying going on... Any Suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Part 2: They are trying to show that it might take 7 seconds at terminal velocity for the adhesive part of the gopro mount to give way when the only pull force is a standard size skydiving PC.- I f you cant manage to clear the snag yourself. Part 1: I guess its a dramatisation. They shot some footage of how a cypress works for TV and used a Tandem cypress to shoot the footage. I guess they are showing a possible scenario for a reserve bridle- gopro snag after cypres activation. In that case 7 seconds would probably not be enough.. Hope I got it right..
  7. Looking for a skydiving friendly remote switch for the 5D MK3.. Anyone know a manufacturer?
  8. Badabing

    Empuria brava

    Maybe they'll put a whirpool on top like in Prague :))
  9. Okay, just a quick update: I had a Crossfire 129 with 450 jumps on it. Just got my brand new JFX 104 and would say it packs only slightly smaller than the 129. Considering the new material I would say it packs like a 119 Crossfire 2.
  10. The sizing chart that UPT has doesn't always include all possible combinations. At least in my experience. So I think it's a good question. Piis- do you think it packs like a 129 crossfire or a size in between a 119 or a 129? I've been jumping 1 size to big with a crossfire (119 was standard fitting- I jumped a 129 which wasnt on the chart) and a vector for 400 jumps with one reserve ride. The rig didnt't feel as soft and comfy anymore, but it's doable. Plus I asked UPT and they had no concerns and said to give it a go.. :) Grüße an den kleinen ;)
  11. Hi! I will be in Montreal for a day on Sunday 8 July and was wondering if anyone wants to fly in the morning or early afternoon. HU/ HD / Carving /Simple routines
  12. Do some AFFI Tunnel training and you won't have to worry about the flying...
  13. my rumor is the same one.. + there is video out there. Don't ask!