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  1. Badabing

    Old fart wants to downsize!

    I've jumped the stiletto and did not really like the openings a lot. otherwise it was okay.. I would recommend either an Icarus crossfire (good from 1,4 WL) or maybe the Saffire 170 considering your Wingloading. The openings are really nice, and the flare is nice too. If you're a PD guy the stiletto would probably be okay but there are comparable canopies with better openings plus the design is previous generation. Never jumped the Sabre. The Katana is nice but is trimmed very steep so its hard to get back from a long spot. Also the Aerodyne Pilot has nice openings (not as nice as Saffire though) and is a very nice and zippy all round canopy. Good luck! P.s. My Progression: PD 230, 210 (AFF) Silhouette 190 till 70 Pilot 170 till 250 Stiletto 150 till 350 Crossfire 149 till 600 Crossfire 129 till 1000+
  2. Badabing

    Zoll und Steuer für Fallschirm aus der USA ?

    Du solltest auf jeden Fall die Möglichkeit haben, das System vorher zu sehen, anzuprobieren, und von Deinem Rigger checken zu lassen! DasPaket wird wahrscheinlich vom Zoll abgefangen. Du zahlst auf den RECHNUNGSBETRAG ( Achtung: Zoll will oft die Kreditkartenabrechnung, oder Bankauszüge zur tatsächlich geleisteten Zahlung sehen) 19% MwSt + c.a. 3% Zoll. Also insgesamt c.a. 21% oben drauf. Viel Erfolg!